1. Pooja Sharma

    Tutorial Comments In Programming Methodology

    Comments in a program is quite useful. Comments may make the program long and make it unreadable. Adding comment to code which is self explanatory is not good programming features. It is recommended to make comments clear, short or as much brief as you can and should include the information...

    My 2 Cents How Many Type Of Comments Are There In C#?

    Comments in any programming language provide the clear understanding of the code and its meaning . A good programmer never forgot to leave the comments in the coding . C# programming language also provides the facility to leave comment in the code. These are the types of the C# comments - // -...
  3. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question What Is The Need Of Comments In Php?

    We all know that PHP allows us to create dynamic web pages by embedding PHP scripts in an HTML. Page using the "<?php ?> tags". There are many concepts of PHP which are used to make the web page user friendly like Variables,Strings,Comments,Arrays,Operators e.t.c. What is the use of Comments...
  4. networld

    Help Me/Question Is It Good To Have An Option For Posting Comments On Your Blogs?

    I heard that it often results in filling your blog with spam comments. You may also witness fierce battles between visitors at some points. But are they enough reasons to deactivate an option for commenting in your blog? After all it should not be like a radio, but there should be a two way...