1. Manish Mishra

    My Suggestion Where You Can Get Free Contents For Your Blog?

    If you want to publish content on your website and don’t have time to write articles, nor do you wish to pay for the articles then its good news for you. You can use free resources of free articles that are ready to reprint to any publishers. There are a lot of websites on the internet that are...
  2. sunshine

    My Suggestion The Importance For Development Of Writing Skills In The Students

    Writing is an art which requires skills to deliver right expressions on the subject. It is only the terminology which is conveying through the written material that makes it worth understanding. The flow of writing must be such that reader feels get engaged and can relate to the happenings along...
  3. sunshine

    My 2 Cents A Simple Guide On Online Writing Services

    There are lot professionals who are ready to write for your needs. A reputable company is going to offer you with a variety of services at affordable prices that people are looking for something great expectations. Let’s see what services they offer! Paper writing College essay writing service...
  4. Pooja Sharma

    My Experience How Can You Be An Expert In Content Writing?

    People have started focusing more on content writing since the blogs and articles have started being shared on social media. Do not just try to fill the pages and try to write an effective content. It might be possible that many other people are writing for same topic but you should make sure...
  5. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question What Is Difference Between Copy Writing And Content Rewriting?

    Content rewriting is a technique by which we can generate our own content by copying someone's content and by changing it's synonyms and other words and make it different from original.It is a bad practice and we should avoid these types of activities. What is difference between Copy writing and...
  6. Pooja Sharma

    My Suggestion What Is Content Analysis?

    It is a technique for properly written or spoken communication.Content analysis is also useful for examining trends and patterns in documents. It enables more objective description and evaluation of the data. Content is analyzed by dividing it into sub categories. The results of content analysis...
  7. selvaa

    Tutorial New Beginner's Guide To Content Marketing

    New Beginner's Guide to Content Marketing Here there is no denying importance for the content marketing but now this content marketing institutes shows about 70% of the marketers, B2B and B2C are creating more content they did in a single year. Here nearly half of B2B markets have their own...
  8. fisker

    My 2 Cents Everyone Is Ignoring The Main Enemy Of Content Marketing

    In an attempt to find new customers for my business, web designing and marketing, I read somewhere about conducting a sort of workshop, offer free snacks and distribute flyers and stuff. So I did one 2 weeks back and here is what I learned. Most of them used e-newsletters. All had a Facebook...
  9. selvaa

    My Experience 5 Steps To Content Marketing Success

    5 Steps to content marketing success Achieving a great height in content marketing is not that much easy provided you are aware of the basic and important ways to achieve success. According to today’s situation, the way of campaigning should be changed regularly for a consistent success. The...
  10. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question Suggestions For Places To Sell Pre-written Articles With No Listing Fee

    Can you list some places for listing your pre-written articles for free of charge. I know Digital Point has an articles marketplace but they have changed the original article marketplace and now charging fees for the article you sell.
  11. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question If I Am Not Able To Find Enough Content For My Website What Should I Have To Do?

    I am creating a website related to education but i have written some articles and page content but it is not sufficient to make it good.Now i am not able to write more unique contents for my website. What should i have to do to generate more contents which should not come under copywriting? Can...
  12. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Make Your Content Writing To Get Recognised By All.

    Content writing is not an easy task and require equal efforts that may be required by sales representative to sell the product.Content writing requires all efforts so that it can be recognised by others in a way that it is used to add knowledge to the learners skills and to get utilized in...
  13. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Personalization With Passion Is The Key Participant For Content Writing.

    This article is for those who put all their efforts in writing in a way that it is appreciated everytime. Personalization of content is an essential feature of article writing and is made so that the meaning of the contents comes live in front of your readers and your thoughts are always...
  14. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Do Not Believe In Content Rewriting, Focus To Provide Your Own Contents To Get Preferred By Others

    The best part of writing articles is creativity and one's willingness to explore the knowledge to get preferred by others. If you believe in content rewriting , you may never be able to utilize your own thoughts and skills to provide the best from you. If you take the ownership to provide the...
  15. selvaa

    Tutorial 8 Tips To Writing Captivating Blog Posts

    8 tips to writing Captivating blog posts For a good blog post the necessary things are good idea or topic, accurate spelling and grammar, and a strong mastery of the essay form. But for an awesome blog that will make the reader to share them you have to do some more things. Given below are...
  16. selvaa

    My Suggestion Top 6 Sins Of Article Writing

    Top 6 sins of article writing One way to figure out how to do something is to know how not to do it first and then invert. In case of article writing here are 6 sins of article writing. Missing mission If you don't have a clear idea about the article that you are supposed to write you...
  17. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question Finding Contents For My Websites

    I am running three websites in three different niche. I cannot churn good articles for all three websites. I am looking for the ways to find contents for my websites on cheaper rates. My rate is lower that Fiver where the minimum rate is $5
  18. Pooja Sharma

    My Suggestion Quality Parameters Of Content Writing

    While writing content, it is equally important that the views that you are sharing are understood by other readers as well as your subscribers. There are number of quality parameters that may add more accuracy to your contents. Your content should be written in simple words so that anyone,(any...
  19. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question Is Content Writing Is Good Carrier Option.

    If you have creative mind then you able to write any type of content. now In a day internet marketing is growing very rapidly and need of content writers are increases. I think content writing is good carrier opportunity. What you are think about constant writing is good for freshers to provide...
  20. Pooja Sharma

    My Experience Content Writing Provides Platform To All

    Content writing provides the platform as writer can express their views to get the feedback and the one who requires any support can ask for the same. Content writing is an art to express views, explore ideas, and to support others. Content writing, should be treated with responsibility so that...