1. H

    Tutorial How Would You Rectify The Problem 'can't Create New Cpanel Accounts'?

    If you are creating a Cpanel account for a domain, let’s say and after filling Up all the details, required to create an account, you get the error Unable to add the user 'abccom' In that case, refer the below steps to rectify the issue: 1) First check...
  2. T

    My Suggestion Cpanel And Cloudlinux Alliance

    cPanel and cloudlinux have come together to provide security patch against symlink attacks for centos 6 and 7 OS for free. Check this to know more on security provision.
  3. P

    Tutorial Reseller Hosting

    Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting wherein the account owner has the ability to use his or her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. The reseller purchases the host's services wholesale and then sells them to customers, possibly for a profit...
  4. aj_007

    News/ Info Downloading Or Generating A Full Website Backup In Cpanel

    A complete cPanel backup creates a copy of all of your emails, databases files etc. Once initialized, you must allow the backup to complete its backup process. It can send you an email at the specified adderess(eg- once backup is ready to be downloaded. The server can send...
  5. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Server Management, Configurations And Technical Issues

    Enterprises with heavy online traffic, heavy revenue generation, content-rich websites and requirements that include a significant amount of server space may find shared hosting cannot provide the power and resources they need. We get certain server management tools in market. Many companies...
  6. fisker

    My 2 Cents Could Hackers Be Targeting Your Domain Name?

    The simple answer to this question is yes. There are a number of hackers who try acquiring a large number of domain names for use later. It is up to you to make every possible effort to protect this digital resource. There are a number of measures in place from organizations but you cannot...
  7. djweb

    My 2 Cents Preventing Ddos Attacks

    A new website that’s even down for a few minutes, is the kiss of death for the webmaster. In those few moments, your website will lose credibility and will never gain it back, unless you’ve been around for a long time. The Problem Sometimes accidents happen, but we are not going to be...
  8. cheezcarls

    Tutorial How To Add-on A New Domain And Install Wordpress On Your Cpanel?

    Hi guys! I am back again for another tutorial, and this time it is related to web hosting, I am not new into this because I have already experienced with web hosting since 2010. The first domain I bought was for my own personal blog, and that is already set as my default domain. However, I do...
  9. Zirkon Kalti

    Tutorial 5 free cpanel alternatives

    cPanel is the best control panel for maintaining your website but it is not free. The good news is that there are a lot of cPanel free alternatives that you can install on your server without you having to pay for a single cent. The following are a cPanel free alternative list of the top 5...