1. sunshine

    News/ Info Document Sharing Future Comes To Whatsapp

    Most of us want to share or send a document rapidly. No doubt there are so many platforms for that purpose, from OneDrive to Dropbox; and of course there's Email, AirPlay, and even the excellent old USB thumb drive. And now, the well-know mobile app WhatsApp is joining the document sharing race...
  2. djweb

    How To Organize Dropbox And Google Drive

    In the last tutorial, we learnt how to organize files on our laptops/desktops using some free and open-source tools. In this tutorial, we will see how to organize files and folders saved on the cloud – either on Dropbox or Google Drive. Dropbox Consumers and businesses use cloud storage to share...
  3. selvaa

    My Experience 11 Reasons Why I Love Dropbox

    11 Reasons why I love dropbox My favorite cloud storage is dropbox. Earlier I used SkyDrive and Google drive. Today I just wanted to share with you 11 reasons why I love dropbox. #1. User Interface(UI): It appears like dropbox know better than their competitors. It has the...