forum issues

  1. K

    Help Me/Question Signature In This Forum

    hey is it possible to have signature in this forum?
  2. rockymeets

    Help Me/Question Does Anyone Know Bbpress Plugins Come With Word Blocker?

    Hey all, I came across a plugin for bbpress forum on WP that blocks abuse, explicit & erotic word usage on your forum. Whether you are a dating site forum, a forum with teens on it or something that is not in accordance with your country laws, you can use that plugin. Anyone knows any...
  3. rockymeets

    Help Me/Question Have You Got Some Cool Ideas For Forum Moderation?

    Hi, I have been moderating a couple forums since a few years now & need more help in this area as this is something I am trying to go more deep. I need help with some cool ideas of moderating & keeping the forum clean from bad users. Any help is appreciated :)
  4. MyDigitalpoint

    Solved/Closed No Permission To Post Here - Try A Sub-forum

    Just try to start a thread about my experience with Commission Junction, but just found that nobody is able to start a new thread there. Though to let you know about #Solmak