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  1. selvaa

    My Experience 10 Ways You Can Share To The Open Source Community

    10 Ways You Can share to The Open Source Community The development of information technology is more dependent on the open source community which generated opportunities never before Give Positive Reviews To Our Favorite Software Since open source developers are not usually financially...
  2. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question What Is Advantages And Disadvantages Of Forums?

    Forum is a right place where we can share our idea and we can answered the various questions? If you join good forum which is deliver good content to you then your knowledge will increase drastically. Because people are learn any thing quickly if they are interest in it. But I have a question in...
  3. networld

    My Experience How Important Is New Thread In A Forum?

    I think it is important to have new threads in a forum. New threads mean new ideas to discuss and lack of threads can practically kill a forum. Whenever a thread is created it gives an opportunity for other members to discuss about their ideas on that. Hence threads are vital to keep a forum...
  4. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question Forum Installation

    I have a wordpress site and I want to install forum on my site.How do I do it? Is is similar to wordpress installation or there is some kind of plugin available?
  5. networld

    Help Me/Question How Does A Lengthy Post Help A Forum?

    I have seen some forums are very particular in having lengthy posts. I just wonder how more words are going to help them? I am just curious to clear my doubts on this. Is it the SEO factor that forum owners want to capitalize by having lengthy posts in their forum? Being lengthy means more...
  6. networld

    Help Me/Question Forums Vs Social Media!

    As you already know nowadays the whole net is flooded with many social networking sites and forums, which one do you think is going to gain more popularity in coming days? If you ask me I would say both of them are entirely different. Social media site is used to communicate with friends and...
  7. networld

    Help Me/Question Do You Ever Try To Take Part In Forums You Are Not Comfortable With?

    I think it would be wise to stay away from discussions where you can’t contribute anything significantly. Adding something you are not clear about will only create confusion in the whole group. Having said that, nowadays everybody is like an encyclopedia and we can access any type of information...
  8. networld

    My Suggestion How Important Is ‘avatar’ In A Forum Profile?

    I have seen some forum owners are very particular about having an avatar for each and every member. I think an avatar is an excellent way to give a unique look and it also gives you an identity in the group. Other members would be able to recognize a person easily using his avatar. A profile...
  9. J

    Help Me/Question Having A Lot Of Subforms On A New Forum

    What are your experiences regarding the number of subforums on a relatively new forum? Is it better to start out with a small number of subforums, say 2 to 4, in order to not spread the content too thinly and force your visitors to have to look for content too hard, or is it better to have a lot...
  10. cheezcarls

    My 2 Cents 5 Important Tips To Moderate Your Forums

    Hello to all WMS community! I am sure that you have enjoyed learning and contributing here in this wonderful forum. But this topic is going to be even more interesting that you ever thought, even for myself. You know why? It is because I have been in this position before. It is not easy...
  11. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Forum Moderation

    Forum moderator oversee the communication movement of an Internet forum. He monitors the exchange of contributors and makes decisions regarding content and the direction of threads. Moving discussions from one section to another to keep topics planned is also a common job for a forum moderator...
  12. Roxabox

    Help Me/Question Troubles Promoting Forum

    Hello, I used to be a forum owner of a forum with no particular topic. There were categories for just about anything and everything (similar to Reddit). However, it died about a year ago and I took it down. Other than committing to a topic what are some other methods of promoting a forum site...
  13. rockymeets

    Help Me/Question Does Anyone Know Bbpress Plugins Come With Word Blocker?

    Hey all, I came across a plugin for bbpress forum on WP that blocks abuse, explicit & erotic word usage on your forum. Whether you are a dating site forum, a forum with teens on it or something that is not in accordance with your country laws, you can use that plugin. Anyone knows any...
  14. rockymeets

    Help Me/Question Have You Got Some Cool Ideas For Forum Moderation?

    Hi, I have been moderating a couple forums since a few years now & need more help in this area as this is something I am trying to go more deep. I need help with some cool ideas of moderating & keeping the forum clean from bad users. Any help is appreciated :)