1. SeanQuinn87

    Need Help What Can Be Posted On Our Profiles?

    What sort of things are we allowed to post onto our member profiles here on the forum? :P
  2. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Bbpress Forum By Wordpress

    bbPress is free, open source forum software built on top of WordPress. It can be installed as a WordPress plugin into a WordPress powered website. Unlike older forum software, it is not clunky and doesn’t take up a lot of resources. This means it is easier to add a forum to your WordPress site...
  3. Swati Mishra

    Help Me/Question Benifit Of Rss For Forum

    what is the benefit adding rss feed in blogging website?
  4. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question How To Post Forum On Different Forum Websites With Url?

    I have a project in which Clint demand post the forum on the different forum website . There include both thread creation and forum posting. They count only those posts which is live and contain URL of website. I tried to post some answer on the forum website with URL then website ban my account...
  5. justiinn

    Help Me/Question As A Newcomer How Much One Get In Forum Posting?

    Hi. My friend registered on freelancing sites and got a project on forum posting through freelancer.client ask her to post daily 40 which includes reply and threads and will be awarded with 5$per 15 post.Total post will be 700.She asked me to help her in posting. so i want to ask is this enough...
  6. dcristo

    Help Me/Question Is Bbpress A Decent Forum Software Option?

    I have considered using bbPress for basic forum websites due to its integration with WordPress, but have no experience with it. Have you used it? What were your impressions of the forum software?
  7. networld

    My Experience How Important Is New Thread In A Forum?

    I think it is important to have new threads in a forum. New threads mean new ideas to discuss and lack of threads can practically kill a forum. Whenever a thread is created it gives an opportunity for other members to discuss about their ideas on that. Hence threads are vital to keep a forum...
  8. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question Forum Installation

    I have a wordpress site and I want to install forum on my site.How do I do it? Is is similar to wordpress installation or there is some kind of plugin available?
  9. networld

    Help Me/Question Forums Vs Social Media!

    As you already know nowadays the whole net is flooded with many social networking sites and forums, which one do you think is going to gain more popularity in coming days? If you ask me I would say both of them are entirely different. Social media site is used to communicate with friends and...
  10. networld

    Help Me/Question Do You Ever Try To Take Part In Forums You Are Not Comfortable With?

    I think it would be wise to stay away from discussions where you can’t contribute anything significantly. Adding something you are not clear about will only create confusion in the whole group. Having said that, nowadays everybody is like an encyclopedia and we can access any type of information...
  11. networld

    My Suggestion How Important Is ‘avatar’ In A Forum Profile?

    I have seen some forum owners are very particular about having an avatar for each and every member. I think an avatar is an excellent way to give a unique look and it also gives you an identity in the group. Other members would be able to recognize a person easily using his avatar. A profile...
  12. J

    Help Me/Question Having A Lot Of Subforms On A New Forum

    What are your experiences regarding the number of subforums on a relatively new forum? Is it better to start out with a small number of subforums, say 2 to 4, in order to not spread the content too thinly and force your visitors to have to look for content too hard, or is it better to have a lot...
  13. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Forum Moderation

    Forum moderator oversee the communication movement of an Internet forum. He monitors the exchange of contributors and makes decisions regarding content and the direction of threads. Moving discussions from one section to another to keep topics planned is also a common job for a forum moderator...
  14. Roxabox

    Help Me/Question Troubles Promoting Forum

    Hello, I used to be a forum owner of a forum with no particular topic. There were categories for just about anything and everything (similar to Reddit). However, it died about a year ago and I took it down. Other than committing to a topic what are some other methods of promoting a forum site...
  15. cheezcarls

    Suggestion New Sub-categories For This Forum?

    Hello everyone! First of all, this is such a wonderful forum and I really like the community who contributed something in great value to benefit us all. Can I suggest to add these topics or discussions as sub-categories in this forum if possible? Here are the following: 1. CPA (Cost Per...
  16. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Selling Gig Only $20 For 30 Related Forum Post With Links!

    Hi , I can search relevant forums sites through different ways and I submit unique content with links.
  17. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Selling Gig $1 For Every Related Forum Post With Links!

    Hi, I want to serve them who need related forum post with links for his/her sites. I have good experience on quality forum posting and seo techniques.I can search relevant forum sites very easily for posting.
  18. rockymeets

    Help Me/Question Have You Got Some Cool Ideas For Forum Moderation?

    Hi, I have been moderating a couple forums since a few years now & need more help in this area as this is something I am trying to go more deep. I need help with some cool ideas of moderating & keeping the forum clean from bad users. Any help is appreciated :)
  19. M

    Help Me/Question Making Linux-learn Site And Forum

    Hey, Soon I will make a site (blog) and forum for Linux and other OSes - but Linux will be my main topic. I will be using PHP-Fusion 9. Site and forum will be in my native language. What do you recommend to me?
  20. dcristo

    My Experience Overcoming Very Low Adsense Ctr On Forums

    Starting a forum can be an extremely rewarding experience if it takes off and turns into a thriving online community. But it can be a hard slog before you get there! Most novice forum website administrators assume that once you have a busy forum with a large number of users and active...