1. SeanQuinn87

    Special Offer Add Your Forum To My Blog Post (submit Yours Here)

    Hello everyone. I am compiling a list of good Webmaster / Hosting / Design forums for a entry to my blog that i am making with a list of 25 Webmaster / Hosting / Design Forums for people to check out. I have started the list already but need some more. My blog is called the SQ Post and i...
  2. SeanQuinn87

    My Experience I Started Out Years Ago With A "free Forums" Forum.

    I started out many years ago with a free forum provided by "Free Forums". :P Did anyone else use them ?
  3. M

    Help Me/Question Same Thread On Different Forums

    Is posting the same thread onto different forum site with different usernames is count as spamming in SEO? Or it is crucial to use the same username and gmail id on all forums to post the same thread?
  4. networld

    Help Me/Question Forums Vs Social Media!

    As you already know nowadays the whole net is flooded with many social networking sites and forums, which one do you think is going to gain more popularity in coming days? If you ask me I would say both of them are entirely different. Social media site is used to communicate with friends and...
  5. cheezcarls

    My 2 Cents The Nonstop Copyrighted Sharing In Blackhat Forums

    Hello to all of you! I know that this is just another blackhat stuff, but it's not going to be another "evil" method though. I am going to share something that is going to interest all of you who are doing blackhat SEO and other related stuff. This is going to be all about the nonstop...
  6. networld

    Help Me/Question Do You Ever Try To Take Part In Forums You Are Not Comfortable With?

    I think it would be wise to stay away from discussions where you can’t contribute anything significantly. Adding something you are not clear about will only create confusion in the whole group. Having said that, nowadays everybody is like an encyclopedia and we can access any type of information...
  7. rockymeets

    Help Me/Question Does Anyone Know Bbpress Plugins Come With Word Blocker?

    Hey all, I came across a plugin for bbpress forum on WP that blocks abuse, explicit & erotic word usage on your forum. Whether you are a dating site forum, a forum with teens on it or something that is not in accordance with your country laws, you can use that plugin. Anyone knows any...
  8. rockymeets

    Help Me/Question Have You Got Some Cool Ideas For Forum Moderation?

    Hi, I have been moderating a couple forums since a few years now & need more help in this area as this is something I am trying to go more deep. I need help with some cool ideas of moderating & keeping the forum clean from bad users. Any help is appreciated :)