google plus marketing

  1. Kristen Brown

    My Experience Bad News For Google Plus!

    I have got a mail from google plus social media to stop all activities on April 2. We know about google + is a best social media site and most effective for marketing.
  2. sunshine

    My Suggestion Google Plus Has Lots Of Benefits For Your Business

    Google Plus is one of the most popular social networking websites and provides lots of benefits to all businesses and companies. More and more businesses are starting to get socially active via their Google My Business Pages (powered by Google plus) and therefore it’s a great place to connect...
  3. H

    My Experience Using Google+ And Gmail Together

    I’ve actually never noticed the Google+ integration in Gmail until today. Apparently if you send an e-mail to someone, they can see on the right your Google+ account with pictures you have shared or posts you have made. This is useful because half of the personal e-mail accounts are being hosted...