graphic design

  1. sunshine

    My Suggestion Create Your Photo Collage In 4 Simple Steps

    There are a lot of collage maker available online for creating digital scrapbooks and photo collages from usual photos in minutes. A collage is an art work made by pasting a variety of different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric onto a backing. These collage makers...
  2. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question How Can I Add Fonts In Adobe Photoshop?

    There are various pre installed fonts are available in the Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 but I want to install some stylish fonts on my Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. How can I add our own choice fonts and where to find font it is available free of cost or I have to pay for installing them please suggest me...
  3. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question How To Make Selection With Refine Mask Tool In Adobe Photoshop Cc 2015?

    I use Adobe Photoshop to edit my photographs it is great photo editing software from my view. But i face a problem with make selection of a image I have not good idea about refine mask tool of Adobe Photoshop Polygon tool and quick selection tool is good but is not best I want to suggest me how...
  4. Abdul Halim

    My Suggestion Graphic Design Tools

    Graphic style is that the combination of art and science to convey a message through visuals. It’s accepted as a mode of communication. Currently that the globe has entered the net age and most businesses vie for the eye of customers through Internet, graphic style artists became a necessity...
  5. PrashantD

    My 2 Cents When & Why To Choose Illustrator For Web Design

    Since a long time, web design professionals have relied on bitmap editing tools for their various projects. Photoshop used to be and still is the de facto tool for web design for many such professional worldwide. However, it has grown in bulk over the last few years and that has prompted many...
  6. PrashantD

    My Experience 5 Tools You Can Use For Web-design In 2016

    The web is evolving with time and the tools to design web are also changing. The days of tedious hand coding are gone and feature laden developer tools are not the main options either. With the mobile devices becoming main choice of web users, designers are turning to new era graphic design...
  7. sunshine

    My Suggestion Photoshop In Web Design

    Large number of designing tools are available for web designing and Photoshop is one of them. Photoshop is predominantly built for graphics that are raster and it understands pixels well, so it can make images that are pixel perfect. It can be used for design visualization as it shows how your...
  8. selvaa

    Tutorial 10 Most Common Photoshop Mistakes To Avoid In 2016

    Here is a collection of some common Photoshop mistakes done by both beginners and experts. Some of these might not be actually "mistakes" rather failure to use the features offered by Photoshop and some of these are using these features incorrectly. Read along to see if you tend to commit one of...
  9. Furqan Rashid

    Help Me/Question Coatia V6

    Can any body help me out in installing Coatia V6. I tried more than 5 times but still no success. I need to install it .
  10. Furqan Rashid

    My Experience Corel Draw X 7

    I being a graphic Designer would recommend newbies to start from Corel Draw. It's the most easy and For me it's the best software for graphic Designing. I even Design complex themes using it in minutes. It's user friendly software for Graphic Designers.
  11. Furqan Rashid

    Help Me/Question Photoshop Starter?

    I am a graphic Designer. I only use Photoshop to add mock up to my design whether it's logo,brochure, banner or anything else. Can anybody let me know that can we design in Photoshop or it's just for editing images.
  12. sunshine

    My Suggestion Infographic Is Also A Great Way Of Web Advertising

    In today's world, information is incredibly easy to come by. While beneficial in many ways, this creates a dilemma for anyone trying to present information to the public. Why would a reader choose to read their version when another source of the same information is available a few clicks away...