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  1. krishatg

    News/ Info Google Glass

    I have heard about google new technology i.e. google glass by using which you can do multiple task, they are capable of helping you in road map , They have camera inside it and many other things. Do any one having more knowledge about it ?
  2. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Dell’s New Hyperscale Rack Architecture For Small Customers

    Dell introduces a DSS 9000 rack architecture that allow users to decouple storage and computing resources, the first ever system in the world to be based on Intel’s Rack Scale Architecture. Dell, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer devices, is bringing the advantages of its...
  3. C

    My 2 Cents What Kind Of Computer(s) Do You Have?

    Hello! I know that many people here specialize in various different aspects regarding web development. This means that each individual needs a slightly different configuration in order to work as productively as possible. Some people don't need a very powerful computer but require both a...
  4. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Asking Advice Which Is The Best Device ?

    I want to buy a device .But suggestion is very good for selecting a device? Which is the best device Desktop or Laptop?
  5. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Personal Computer Or Laptop?

    I am working as a blogger and IT professional and I have a personal computer to complete my work each day but now I want to switch to laptop. Can you people tell me, is it good to use your Laptop for professional work instead of using descktop PC? I think it will save lot of space and...