1. Zirkon Kalti

    My 2 Cents Google May Devalue Infographic In The Future

    Many people have used infographic to attract other websites to link to their website. Spammers often create infographic with information that does not add much values which leads to Google's Matt Cutts making an announcement that they will devalue the links from infographics in an algorithm...
  2. litonkrl

    Help Me/Question What Is Infographic Submission In Seo?

    Please share me your thoughts on Infographic submission in SEO?
  3. sunshine

    My Suggestion Infographic Is Also A Great Way Of Web Advertising

    In today's world, information is incredibly easy to come by. While beneficial in many ways, this creates a dilemma for anyone trying to present information to the public. Why would a reader choose to read their version when another source of the same information is available a few clicks away...