1. sunshine

    News/ Info Ios - Iphone Operating System

    The well-known telecom company Apple Inc. created and developed mobile operating system, iOS (originally iPhone OS) and distributed absolutely for Apple hardware structures.While iOS 9 is one of the largest iOS release ever. It comes with a better experience every day and night for thrilling...
  2. networld

    Help Me/Question Android Or Ios – Which One Is Your Favorite Mobile Os And Why?

    I am a big fan of Android phones and I feel very comfortable with it. To be frank I never used an iOS phone till now. I have never seen people using iOS phone around. Everybody is after Android devices. I think the simple reason why a person like Android is the number of options it offers. You...
  3. cheezcarls

    My 2 Cents 4 Ways To Earn Passive Income With Mobile Marketing

    Mobile marketing has grown significantly nowadays. You know why? It is because millions of people are using mobile phones everyday. Study shows that mobile phones are mostly used by millions of people than any other electronic gadgets. Basically, mobile phones are used for calling and texting...
  4. networld

    Just Gossip Why android phones are more popular than ios phones?

    It is a known fact that Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world. What are the reasons for Android becoming the number one people's choice? - Android has large number of handset models to choose from. - There is something for everybody starting from a high-tech customer to a noob -...