1. N

    Special Offer Ios Development Services In Hyderabad

    TechSteeds is an emerging software development company providing website development, customised softwares, digital marketing services globally for the industries of hospitals educational institutions, Media & Entetainment, hotels, hospitality. We have professionals in the departments of .Net...
  2. krishatg

    My 2 Cents What Standard Needs To Be Followed For Designing Java Bean Classs?

    JavaBean is nothing but the object of the classes but there are certain standards that need to followed for designing a class of such objects as: All properties i.e data members should be private. Non-parameterized constructor is mandatory. Put class in package(not in default package) Getter/...
  3. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question What Is The Difference Between Core Java And Advance Java?

    Java is the Object oriented programming language. It is most popular programming language. It support all the object oriented programming features like :- Inheritance. Polymorphism. Data abstraction Encapsulation Data hiding. Message passing. Class etc. In what context advance java is differ...
  4. Muhammad Rizwan

    My Suggestion 7 Killing Features Of Java Language

    Java is progressing day by day, and many people are adopting it as their main programming language. Along with other programming languages, Java has developed lots of functionality in it. It was designed by developers for making it easier to code. It is similar to C++ Language which is also very...
  5. suzzi winget

    Help Me/Question Wrapper Class In Java

    we all know about Java. Java is a high level programming language and it is one of the most used programming language. Recently faced an interview where my interviewer asked so many questions related to java. answered almost every question, but got confused when he asked about wrapper class. i...
  6. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question What Is The Best Alternative Of Java Programming

    We all know that Java has a rich library of tools for developing a software or application. But if i don't want to learn java programming,but i want to make a software or application,is there any language which provides tools like java and easy to learn through myself.
  7. krishatg

    My Experience Using Sharepoint With Java

    Overview SharePoint a web application framework, which provides much useful functionality like content management, document management, enterprise social networking. JAVA on the other hand as a technology is used in most web applications and provides much useful functionality. The features...
  8. krishatg

    Help Me/Question What's The Best Computer Language To Learn?

    What do the users of WebmasterServe think is the best programming language to learn? I am 25 years old, working at IT company and I do definitely want a career in Computer somewhere. I have been studying too many languages currently ( in my free time) and I'm not sure which I want to go...
  9. Oldwriter

    My 2 Cents Php + java/.net languages

    There are two very interesting projects allowing fellow programmers to mix PHP with Java or .NET languages in the same project. If you are proficient in one of the many languages targeting the Java VM or the .NET framework, you will find the code-reuse capabilities appealing. Quercus, PHP for...