logo design

  1. Paul141

    My Suggestion What is logo?

    The term "logo" derives from the Greek word "logos", which means "word" and is a visual representation of the brand and with the help of which we recognize it, giving it recognition and differentiation. Typographic and / or graphical elements, whose combination and composition must convey a very...
  2. Paul141

    My Suggestion Characteristics of a good logo

    The logo design consists of a number of forms, typography, symbols, colors and values of the company it represents. This is an element that is present in every action or message carried out by the company. At all times, the logo is the most recognizable aspect of the company's image.
  3. stylisticdesignderby

    Special Offer Seo For A Website Design Website

    Please let me know how to do SEO for a website design website. What SEO tasks should be included. Looking for suggestions.
  4. sunshine

    My Suggestion Ideas About Logo Design

    Greetings to All, When it comes to design a logo for your business or company, keep in mind that there is no Best logo design but a logo is your own idea that works. You can't simply say that this logo is not good and this is very good. It always referential and depends on company, websites and...