1. anu_smart

    Fun Top 5 Hiking Spots In The World

    Top 5 Hiking Spots In The World When it comes to the fast paced lifestyle of 9-5 work and the need to get away from it all, planning outdooor hiking trips is something that can help to release stress and allow for healthy, worry free exercise. In this article, we're going to be taking a...
  2. anu_smart

    News/ Info Proper Sanitation In The Aftermath Of Disaster

    Proper Sanitation in the Aftermath of Disaster When you're experiencing a disaster, staying clean is probably the last thing on your mind. After all, who thinks of wet wipes when they're busy staying alive? Once the immediate danger has passed, sanitation is important and ought to be one of...
  3. anu_smart

    My Experience Long Term Food Storage Plans

    Long Term Food Storage Plans It's not a bad idea to get at least a little stockpile of food in case of an emergency - catastrophes, power outages, terrorist attacks and inclement weather events could make locating food beyond your house almost hopeless. Why Should You Have Long Term Food...
  4. anu_smart

    News/ Info How To Grow Vegetables In Containers

    How to Grow Vegetables In Containers In case you have a small garden or no garden at all then you can grow your own vegetables in containers. This is a fantastic, low maintenance way for you to grow your own food at home without all the cost and trouble of keeping a normal sized garden. For...
  5. anu_smart

    News/ Info Samsung Note4

    Samsung Note4 Samsung Note 4 is the latest endeavour of Samsung in their very successful Note series. Samsung started the Note series to target the people who wanted something between a phone and a tablet and the Note series embodies this. The first Note had a screen size of 5.3 inches...
  6. selvaa

    News/ Info 7 Latest Technology Inventions Gifted By Scientists

    7 latest technology inventions Listed below are the 7 latest inventions: Keewifi Router Egloo Spin Remote Stridalyzer Smart Insoles Zen Egg COBI Smart Unit Let us know more about their salient features and technical configuration. Keewifi Router: Keewifi is a portable Wi-Fi Router...
  7. Webmasterserve

    My 2 Cents New Year's Resolutions 2016 - What Is Yours?

    The New Year 2016 is almost upon us and most of would have some New Year's Resolution for ourselves, if you don't, why not? This Thread was created just to discuss about our New Years Resolutions, do we really make one every year? How much do we follow-through and did we see benefits of making...
  8. anu_smart

    My Experience Emergency Preparedness: Tools That Will Help You Keep Organized

    Emergency Preparedness: Tools That Will Help You Keep Organized In virtually any scenario, remaining organized can make things easier. Having an ordered emergency preparedness strategy and supplies could literally save your life should disaster ever strike. Here are a few tips and tools...
  9. anu_smart

    News/ Info Does Temperature Affect The Energy Levels Of Your Solar Panels?

    Does Temperature Affect the Energy Levels of Your Solar Panels? The temperatures of solar panels affect the output of power generated by solar energy, although temperature does not affect the amount of solar energy collected by your solar panels. The hotter the solar panels get the less...
  10. anu_smart

    News/ Info Develop Your Home With The Hottest New Trend; Natural Building Materials

    Natural Building Materials Long ago, before we had do-it-your self-home improvement superstores, people built their homes with the materials available on the land nearby. In the South-west, the people used clay, sand, and straw mixed with water to make their adobe homes. In the east, China...
  11. anu_smart

    My Experience Choosing The Right Survival Shelters

    Choosing the Right Survival Shelters To develop a successful and complete crisis plan and survival kit, you need to think ahead and organize everything. There's more to a survival strategy than additional water and batteries. You also need to consider what to do if you need to leave your home...
  12. Manish Mishra

    Asking Advice Which 2015 Movies You Really Loved - Country Doesn't Matter

    Hi everyone, I want to download a good masterpiece movie to watch. I need your suggestions which movie really gave you immense pleasure to watch. Well, I don't mind languages and countries (subtitles are available). I love especially horror genre but thriller and good drama (not boring)...
  13. dcristo

    Just Gossip What Vr Games Are You Looking Forward To?

    I'm looking forward to The Climb it's the first Oculus VR game that has got me excited about this new technology. It's being developed by Crytek, the same guys that did Crysis.