1. krishatg

    My 2 Cents Top Digital Marketing Trends Expected To Flourish In 2016

    Online marketing is a vital weapon no business can ignore nowadays. Given the fact, web technology keeps changing fast and viewers are showered with more options to shop and choose- using latest marketing weapons makes sense. What is relevant this year in digital marketing may not be in vogue...
  2. suleman

    My Experience Free Traffic Through Article Marketing

    Article writing can be declared as a good part of content marketing. If you want to be recognized for posting helpful and interesting content, consider writing articles for article directories, social media, and other online platforms. Re-using the articles There are many ways to reuse the...
  3. selvaa

    Tutorial 7 Ways To Use Facebook For Marketing

    7 ways to use facebook for marketing 1.Facebook business page Facebook page is not only a social media, it's also a great marketing tool. Your business page is a great spot to develop your brand identity. Don’t afraid to get naughty because people love fun. You must see what...
  4. Zirkon Kalti

    Tutorial Top 5 Email Marketing Software

    Email marketing is important because it allows you to remind your prospective customers about your products and services. Your customer will forget about you if you don't communicate with them via email. The following are the top 5 email marketing software. 1. Benchmark Benchmark is an easy to...
  5. Zirkon Kalti

    Tutorial Top 8 Marketing Tools For Small Business

    Marketing tools helps you to manage your daily marketing tasks so that you have more free time to concentrate on other priorities of your business. Choosing the right marketing tools is important you want to achieve maximum result in your internet marketing campaign. The following is a list of...
  6. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Tutorial Professional Affiliate Marketing Primer

    If you are unaccustomed the skilled affiliate promoting web business playground, then you are little question questioning what affiliate promoting is all concerning. In simplest terms, it's promoting and promoting another company's products/services on the net. You, the professional affiliate...
  7. cheezcarls

    My Experience My Own Frustrations In Promoting Paid Link Shorteners

    Hello everyone! I would really hope that you are having a great time right now. As of now, weekend is already approaching. I know some of you may be getting some rest or having a vacation, while others are still working for their own dreams for good. But what really matters right now is that...
  8. jowjow

    My Suggestion Social Media Marketing

    One of the best method in online or even offline marketing in this generation is by using Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin and many more. It gives us a chance to scatter our product to a wide range of people not only in your country but all sides of the world...
  9. rahuldas

    My Experience Top 5 Trends Of Internet Marketing In 2015

    Marketing is all about innovation and coming up with new ideas each day. It is also about staying on top of your competitors, and making the best use of technology as are available to you. In today’s world, the internet is the most powerful tool that is available to the common man. So, there’s...
  10. jowjow

    My Suggestion Affiliate Marketing Tips

    Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a business rewards other affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. Here are some tips that can help you: Create your own videos promoting your product, discussing all the benefits/features of...
  11. rahuldas

    My Suggestion 5 Best Practices In Email Marketing

    Face it! Our lives are centred around the internet, and hardly a day goes by when we don’t interact with it in some way or the other. So why not utilise it to get close to your prospective customers, and brag about your product? That is the ideology which drives internet marketing in general...
  12. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Help Me/Question How I Can Get Easily Cpa Marketing Sites?

    Hello all, I have just try to create an account in some CPA affiliate sites .But I have failed .Because the authority did`t approved my account.Please any one help me.How to get a CPA account easily and can promote.
  13. fisker

    Tutorial Why You Need To Invest In Email Marketing In 2016

    "Email is dead." That's something marketers have been hearing for a while now. But it's quite the opposite that is true. Email has never been more important and it remains the best way for e-commerce websites to communicate with prospects or customers. From transactional information to...
  14. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Help Me/Question How Can I Collect Huge Email For Email Marketing ?

    Email marketing is very important for any internet marketing and affiliate marketing.So, I want to do email marketing.To need huge email for email marketing.I wanted to know how can I get huge email freely.
  15. sunshine

    Tutorial Change Your Thought For Leadership And Content Marketing

    There are some rules that can help you to get the benefits of content marketing. You can get the advantage of some practical solutions because these are unique and different than some usual lessons. It is an old principle that the writing should be fresh and timely. There should be something...
  16. cheezcarls

    Tutorial Tips For Music Marketing You Should Know

    As we all know, music is one of the hot niches that we are looking forward to. Most of us love music, right? Imagine on what would be the world look like without music. It means that there's a lot of room for us to dominate this kind of hot niche, and this one isn't going anywhere. In other...
  17. fisker

    My 2 Cents Why You Need To Include Pinterest In Your 2016 Smm Campaign

    How is 2016 shaping up for social media marketers? No matter what strategy you go with, it will most probably include Pinterest. There are more than 100 million active pinners every month and this represents a direct path to potential customers. But, before you decide to launch yourself...
  18. fisker

    My Suggestion Email Marketing Benchmarks For Ecommerce In 2016

    Email marketing is the channel which refuses to give up. It clearly works as far as ecommerce is concerned. But it is hard to determine if email marketing is working out for you. In this article, we are going to look into the ecommerce email marketing benchmarks for 2016. The figures have been...
  19. sunshine

    My Suggestion Advantages Of Digital Marketing Over Physical Marketing

    • It helps organizations to create a broad customer base as it does not depends on interaction or physical presence • It enhance customers to interact directly with organizations and businesses • It is not restricted by usual business timings – customers can interact online at any time 24 hours...
  20. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Most Overlooked Factors Of Content Marketing

    To engage potential customers with your business, try to offer “scannable” web content. It may require some practice to create a “scannable” content or post because you would have to understand the point of view of the reader. The content should grab the attention of the reader and influence...