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  1. Paul141

    My Suggestion What is logo?

    The term "logo" derives from the Greek word "logos", which means "word" and is a visual representation of the brand and with the help of which we recognize it, giving it recognition and differentiation. Typographic and / or graphical elements, whose combination and composition must convey a very...
  2. echoinnovateit

    My Experience Guidelines To Create Mobile App Wire Frames

    App design goes through many stages, from conception to copies to finalized UI, but it all begins with wireframes. A wireframe is a rough sketch of how you want to fully understand your product in terms of a visual layout. It’s about placement, navigation, and defining the user journey at the...
  3. echoinnovateit

    My Suggestion 10 Ways To Improve Your Mobile App

    Introduction We all need our apps to perform better, to get more downloads and make more money. Google tells us that over 1 million Android devices are activated each day; certainly, it can’t be that hard to get 1 million downloads right? Right? If you are in the Android app Development Company...
  4. echoinnovateit

    Tutorial Wordpress Plugins For Beginners

    It’s not worth it to try and figure out the manual approach of adding popup messages to your site or animating your new landing page. With so many tremendous plugins out there, why expend your time to code that functionality from scratch when someone else has already done it for you? Approved...
  5. M

    Special Offer Seo Services For Increase Your Business!

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    My 2 Cents Intellobots Technologies Pvt Ltd

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