1. niranjan kumar

    Just Gossip Your Favorite Movies In 2016 And Why?

    Which one is your favorite movie that release in 2016, that you would like to watch on first release. but can't watch it on first release date.
  2. ipol12

    Fun Who Is Excited For Batman V Superman?

    In more than a month, Batman v Superman is about to open in theaters. I have seen a thriller of the film and it makes me excited to see it in the cinema. I will surely watch it on its first day. It will surely be a blockbuster worldwide. Anybody here excited to watch that film too?
  3. ipol12

    Just Gossip Music Is Like A Time Machine

    Being a music fan, I had listened to a lot of songs ever since I was younger. Every time I hear old songs, it brings me back to the year it was released and the events in my life that time. I consider music as time machine as it takes me back of the times and reminisce of the good old days.
  4. masterbusiness

    Tutorial Top 10 Movies That Can Teach You About Business

    Top 10 Movies That Can Teach You About Business Watching movies will always leave important lessons for its viewers. Movies can tackle a variety of topics and tell stories that have the capability to influence and affect the lives of its viewers. This type of art form can be a venue to...
  5. dcristo

    Asking Advice Anyone Else Listen To Trance Music?

    I love listening to uplifting melodic trance music. It always puts you in a good mood. Such as listening to songs like this: If you prefer vocals you will like this:
  6. phoenix2015

    Fun Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Ok guys, Who saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Which new character did you like the best? Which classic character were you happiest to see again? I actually like the new villain the best out of the new characters, I forgot his name. And, I was most excited to see Han Solo again!! What about you...
  7. Manish Mishra

    Asking Advice Which 2015 Movies You Really Loved - Country Doesn't Matter

    Hi everyone, I want to download a good masterpiece movie to watch. I need your suggestions which movie really gave you immense pleasure to watch. Well, I don't mind languages and countries (subtitles are available). I love especially horror genre but thriller and good drama (not boring)...
  8. challengewriter

    Just Gossip Movies In 2015

    The year 2015, is about to come to a ceremonious end, so now I am taking the time to ask, what are the two top movies, that you watched and also got released this year? What makes the movies so spectacular and why would you recommend us to watch it?