.net programming

  1. vikas

    Help Me/Question Advantage Of .net Programming Over Php

    Being a student I am trying to know what are the advantages of .net language over the PHP
  2. Swati Mishra

    My 2 Cents Http Handler

    HTTP handler is to handle the request of user for web application resources. HTTP handler is the back bone of web application for request and response model. When the user request to server then handler handle the request of user and send back the corresponding response object.
  3. Swati Mishra

    My 2 Cents What Are Cookies?

    Cookies are the text file that is store the data, which may be user id and the preferences at the client end. When the user sends the request through the browser to web page, the cookies is also sent along with this request. Then the web server collects the information from the cookie.
  4. Swati Mishra

    My 2 Cents What Is Parallel Computing?

    Parallel computing is the Programming model, when a large problem is divided into many small parts, this process will be simultaneously means number of threads are executed at the same time. This process is called Parallel Computing.
  5. Swati Mishra

    My 2 Cents What Is Dlr?

    DLR is the Dynamic language runtime, which is the feature introduced in the .net framework to implement dynamic languages, such as python and ruby. Dynamic language runtime is the runtime environment that adds services to the Common language runtime. DLR provides the advantage of .net...
  6. Swati Mishra

    My 2 Cents What Is Wcs?

    Windows Card Space that is called WCS. WCS is client software, it improves the safety of accessing resources and also sharing personal information on the internet. WCS is to help programmer in developing websites and the software that are less face down to identity related attacks, such as phishing.
  7. Swati Mishra

    My 2 Cents What Is Windows Workflow Foundation?

    Windows workflow foundation is the technology that is introduced by Microsoft that is called WF. WF provides a programming model for the building workflow based application on windows. WF includes activities these are such as workflow runtime, workflow designer and a rules engine.
  8. Swati Mishra

    My 2 Cents Class Library Of .net Framework

    .Net framework consists of classes, interfaces, and value types that help in increase the application development process and also provide access to system functionality. .Net framework should be CLS complaint so that they can be used from any programming language, whose compiler conforms the CLS.
  9. Swati Mishra

    My 2 Cents Metadata

    A metadata is binary information that describes the programs, which is stored in a common language runtime portable executable file or in the memory. When the execute the program and compilation is in process in the portable executable file that is called PE, then the meta data is inserted in...
  10. Swati Mishra

    My 2 Cents What Is Cts?

    CTS stand for the Common type system. The CTS specifies certain guidelines for declaring, using, and the managing types at runtime. It is an integral part of the runtime for supporting cross language communication. The CTS can be classified into two data type first id value type and the second...
  11. Swati Mishra

    My 2 Cents What Is Clr?

    CLR stands for common language runtime, which is one of the most important components of .Net framework, it is better known as the runtime. Common language runtime provide the functionalities, such as memory management, exception handling, debugging, security, thread execution, verification and...
  12. Swati Mishra

    My 2 Cents Benefit Of .net

    .Net framework is an essential component of the Windows operating system, these are the various benefits of .NET framework. Consistent programming model: it provides a consistent object oriented programming model across different languages. Cross platform support: it specifies that any windows...

    My 2 Cents What Is The Difference Between Authentication And Authorization?

    Let a student going to their college. At college gate, gate kipper ask for Identity card , If student shown the identity card then they can enter into college campus. This process is called as authentication. Now student going to computer lab where in the college computer there are two...

    My 2 Cents What Is Tracing? Where It Is Used?

    Tracing provide the detail about how the code executed in its running phase. It is used for collecting running information about an application which is used when any problem occur in the application. If any error occur then it is easily identified with the help of log files which in created...

    Help Me/Question What Is Query String?

    When we communicate to the server then webpage information of the host computer are send to the server with the help of query string.All the browser on the host computer send the web page information with the help of query string. It is the independent of the server resource . Disadvantage of...
  16. steve taylor

    My 2 Cents What Are Web Server Controls In Asp.net?

    The ASP.NET Web server controls are the objects on the ASP.NET pages that run when the Web page is requested for run . Many Web server controls, such as text box and button, are similar to the HTML controls. In addition to the HTML controls, there are more controls, which include complex...
  17. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question What Is Iis? Why Is It Used?

    IIS stand for Internet Information Services is created by Microsoft to provide Internet-based services to ASP.NET Web applications. It makes our computers to work as a Web server and provides the functionality to develop and deploy Web applications on that server. IIS handles the request and...
  18. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question What Is An Asp.net Web Form?

    ASP.NET Web forms are designed to use features and controls that are powerful as compare to Windows forms, and so they are called the Web forms. The Web form uses a server-side object model that allows you to create functional controls, which are executed on the server side and are concentrated...
  19. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question What Is The Basic Difference Between Asp And Asp.net?

    Some basic difference between ASP and ASP.NET is that ASP is interpreted (directly run on web browser) whereas, ASP.NET is compiled (Ir’s needed compiler). ASP uses VBScript; therefore, when an ASP page is executed, it is interpreted. where as ASP.NET uses .NET languages, such as C# and VB.NET...
  20. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question What Is The Differentiate Between Authentication And Authorization?

    In authentication process we verify the identity of the a user using some credentials like username and password while in authorization we determines the parts of the system to which a particular identity has access. Authentication is required before authorization done. Example: - If an employee...