1. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question What Is Master Page In Asp.net?

    Master pages works as a template that you can reference this page in all other content pages. Master pages enable developer to define the look and feel of all the web pages in your website in a single location. If you make some changes perform in master page, then the changes will reflect in all...
  2. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question What Is Session Object?

    As we know Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is a stateless protocol it does not store anything about the session. If user insert some information and move to the next web page that data will be lost and user not able to retrieve the information. For accessing the information we have to store...
  3. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question What Is The State Management In Asp.net?

    State management is a technique which manage a state of an object on different request. The HTTP protocol is used to communicate with web . HTTP is a stateless protocol means It does not store anything about the process. HTTP protocol does not provide any method to determining whether any two...
  4. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question How Is Inheritance Implemented In .net?

    Inheritance is the process of deriving the feature of base class by the child class it provide reusability means if we write a code. Next time when it is needed then simply used them without any effort because in object oriented programming we concentrate on real time object. Now my question is...
  5. justiinn

    Help Me/Question Take Clause Vs Skip Clause?

    .net is a programming language that is also used to make your website.Its coding is simple than java. So i thought to go with .net. As i am learning .net i want to know the differences in between Take clause and Skip clause?
  6. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question C# Vs .net Programming

    What is the basic difference between both of the programming language C# and .Net? Which language is best in terms of providing tools and their uses by the professionals while developing software? If you have worked on both or may be knowledge of any one please share some experience which helps me.
  7. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question .net Programming Vs Php

    Both of the languages are used in creation of a dynamic website and both have attractive features. But i want to know that which language is used most by people for creation of the website. .NET exceeds PHP or PHP exceeds .NET.
  8. jowjow

    Help Me/Question Reason Why .net Is Hated

    Here is a quick one. We cannot deny the fact that .Net is not commonly used by developers around the world even though it is highly a good programming language. I have read in an article stating that the main reason why developers hate it, is because the creator of this is MICROSOFT. What can...
  9. Swati Mishra

    Tutorial A Tutorial To Basics Of .net Programming For Beginners

    The industry is now widely use two most popular programming languages. One is Java and the other is .Net. .Net is an easy programming language and widely used in banking, private and government sectors. The vivid use in almost areas gradually gives it a comprehensive strength as a programming...
  10. Oldwriter

    My 2 Cents Php + java/.net languages

    There are two very interesting projects allowing fellow programmers to mix PHP with Java or .NET languages in the same project. If you are proficient in one of the many languages targeting the Java VM or the .NET framework, you will find the code-reuse capabilities appealing. Quercus, PHP for...