new business ideas

  1. Prasoon Arora

    My Experience Never Demotivate Yourself If Business Strategies Fails.

    It have been seen that new startups raise their hands with the very first failure in their business strategy.It is recommended to never get demotivated and to learn from their failure.It is said by established business brands that they have learn from their failure and they have always moved a...
  2. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question How To Buy A Website On Flippa

    How to buy website like an experienced buyer on Flippa? How to perform research and inspect the site to make sure that the screenshot it advertise is real.
  3. fisker

    My 2 Cents One Reason To Start A Business In 2016

    As I share my experience on starting my own startup, I have come to realize that you do not need a thousand reasons to start your own business. You do not have to read about the top 10 business ideas just for you in 2016. This is stupid. You only need one idea to start a business. You need one...
  4. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Business Ideas For New Start Ups And Start Up Issues

    Today is the time for new start ups as small start ups are also at boom and growing faster.The very best startup ideas tend to have three things in common: They're something that the founders themselves want, That can be build by themselves, and That few others realize are worth doing...
  5. justiinn

    Help Me/Question Social Media Optimization

    To get a job according to your skills nowadays is very difficult. So everybody searching for the program/course which will help them to settle in life. SMO is in news which help to earn money. but how? what is it. what is its techniques? Should i join the institute which teach me about smo?
  6. justiinn

    Help Me/Question I Need To Start My Business Offline.

    i always want to start my offline business because i dont want to work under boss. but i dont know which business shall i start so that it will grow frequently. will you guys please help me so that i can earn much...
  7. Pooja Sharma

    My 2 Cents Locate Your Business With Quality Products For Parameters According To Your Customers

    Business should focus on customers needs, what they require, what they are getting and what they want ? If these facts are turned to figure then can add success to the business. Delivering quality products that are tested, monitored, and used by experts,are one of the base factor to satisfy...
  8. Pooja Sharma

    My 2 Cents Quality Of Products Should Be Treated With More Care Then To The Numbers Of Products To Be Launched

    It is true, that if you have good quality products, your business will gain more even when comparing to the business those deliver huge number of products. There is no sense in delivering bulk products with less or no quality as they may be purchased once but the next time, their position will...
  9. Pooja Sharma

    My 2 Cents Business Should Never Be Established Considering Business As Small Or Big By Startup

    It is suggested that business should never be considered as small or big while establishing as this depends on revenue that business generates.Sometimes good revenue can results in the formation of big brand business from small scale establishment.Business scale should always be considered on...
  10. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Business Should Not Be Specific To Any Particular Age

    It is being said that if any business is being established considering any specific age do not results in good revenue as limitations do not comes while establishing business. If any product or business belongings are established with varieties of products available to all have more chances to...
  11. niranjan kumar

    Help Me/Question How Can I Start E-commerce Business For Grocery.

    I want to start my own ecommerce business on grocery. But i have no idea about e-commerce startup, such as product purchase and home delivery work, and how can i generate leads for it.
  12. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Business Brand Behave With Logo

    It is being said that the business logo is the first point of existence for any business. The business logo behaves as the shadow of business. some may not notice but is actually the existence of business that twinkle in the customers requirements letting them know that they can prefer to the...
  13. Lalit Malviya

    My Suggestion Prefer Experienced Team Members To Launch Your Startup

    It would be more favorable if you are preferring the team of experienced members, in terms of your business products, marketing value, competitors strategies, as it will help your business with its launch to meet and compete with the market based requirements and building trust with your...
  14. Pooja Sharma

    My 2 Cents What Type Of Business Emails Should Be Preferred By Any Startups ?

    This is one of the important question that comes in point when startups are to be launched. Listing their business categories, startups should provide their business emails similar to their stream. If sale is to be made then can consider, Similarly for support support@ or...
  15. Pooja Sharma

    My 2 Cents Business Emails Are Equally Important As Business Websites.

    Every startup, focus on its website, and no interest is being taken in terms of business emails. Any startup should equally focus on business emails as they do on websites. As business emails, support the business and looks more professional when contact is being made with customers. Visitors...
  16. Pooja Sharma

    My Suggestion Advertising And Promoting Other Business Website Using Your Business Website

    Before the launch of any business, it is favorable if any fix income is considered. There are many other business website which pays new start ups to advertise their business after launching their business website. Startups can prefer advertising other business on their website, but after...
  17. djweb

    Tutorial Setting Up Your Low-cost Small Business Office – Part 2

    Last time, we talked about low cost IT systems that could help us run our business more smoothly without costing a fortune. This time, we are going to look at a few solutions that would help us manage our customers and other business stakeholders better. Step 3: The Free Customer Management...
  18. djweb

    Tutorial Setting Up Your Low-cost Small Business Office – Part 1

    The role of technology simply cannot be ignored no matter what business you're in. I know of a barber who had started using a simple free hairstyle app to markup his haircut price by 100%. Do you think people stopped visiting the place? No. To the contrary, his sales increased many folds just...
  19. Pooja Sharma

    My Suggestion Authentication And Authorization Matters A Lot For Startups

    It is being said that the authentication is required to perform any confidential strategy in regards to the business schemes in performing tasks to achieve goals, investment, and other utilizing other source to business growth. In all, authorizing the correct person to authenticate the steps to...
  20. networld

    My Suggestion Billboards – A Trusted Old Fashioned Way Of Business.

    As you know both offline and online businesses are keen to enhance their visibility among potential customers. Here is the importance of attractive billboards exist. As you know it is an old-fashioned way of making money, but a trusted one. If you can find good billboard locations and obtain...