new business ideas

  1. Prasoon Arora

    My Experience 5 Basic Ideas And Research To Keep In Mind Before You Start Up Your Business

    A successful business comes where the ideas are the results of innovation, research, creativity, maturity in business term,long term relationship, acknowledging the market values, improving the skills and getting updated with the feedback. It is not always, that if one have set up the business...
  2. djweb

    My 2 Cents Key Points That Will Get You Funded

    There is a gold rush in the world – for the best ideas in technology. Startups are taking over the world. Everyday hundreds if not thousands of people pitch there ideas to Angels and VCs across the world. Some get funded, some get dinged and some decide to bootstrap after trying to raise...
  3. sunshine

    My Suggestion Earn Money By Selling Domains And Websites

    Selling domain names and new created websites with basic set up is one of the best online ways to earn money in these days. Domain names can sell for hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars if the right buyer comes across. The deception is to find simple and attractive domain names that...
  4. selvaa

    My Suggestion Top 10 Tips For A Strong Start In 2016

    Top 10 tips for a strong start in 2016 If you are called as a serial entrepreneur, I had a lot of experience in starting and facing the problems faced. I have learned some factors that you should be know before you can jump into it. So given below are 10 of the essential things that is...
  5. jowjow

    My Suggestion Social Media Marketing

    One of the best method in online or even offline marketing in this generation is by using Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin and many more. It gives us a chance to scatter our product to a wide range of people not only in your country but all sides of the world...
  6. jowjow

    Help Me/Question Making Money Online

    Hi, everyone! I am new in this forum and also new to the "Earning Online" idea. I would really appreciate it if you can share to me good advices or learnings about this thing. For now I am still searching as much as possible on the subject, so if anyone there has good ideas for me to get...
  7. networld

    My Experience Usabilityhub - The Fastest Way To Earn Money Online!

    I joined a usability testing site called Usabilityhub a few days back. It's quite surprising to note that they pay $0.10 for every completed task which is really simple and easy to complete. It will not take more than a few seconds of your time and sometimes it may be a minute or so. The...
  8. phoenix2015

    Help Me/Question Review Sites

    Guys, I've been hearing a lot about review sites. How exactly do they work? Does anyone here have any experience or knowledge with review sites?
  9. sunshine

    My Suggestion A Good Personal Budgeting Plan That Works

    We know that it is quite offensive to see no savings after having struggled for years or months in my circumstances. There is a great importance of Planning a Private Budget. Just assess your financial status and you will definitely find that it's not your income but your poorly managed funds...
  10. Renren

    My Suggestion Internet Cafe Business

    Internet Cafe, often called Cyber Cafe, is a place that offers customers hi-speed internet access, other computer services and variety of PC games. It deals with internet time that a customer buys and it can be sold per hour or minute and sometimes longer. Internet Cafe is the most popular in...
  11. Renren

    My Suggestion Home Based Web Design Business

    Building websites is a great computer related home based business because the Internet continues to expand and grow. As the number of home based businesses grows, your client base expands, too. As you get knowledgeable and build a great web design portfolio, you can service larger business...
  12. Renren

    My Suggestion Home Based Computer Repair Business

    While companies often require their computer techs to have a college degree in computer science, a computer repair home based business owners' customers often just want someone who can fix, clean or replace their hardware and software on time, on budget, with a smile. Plenty of computer...
  13. Renren

    My Suggestion Home Based Computer Tutor Business

    Just because we live in a computer age doesn't mean that everyone is computer-savvy. That's where the computer tutor comes in. A home based computer tutor teaches individuals and businesses how to best use their computer programs and the Internet, typically by appointment at the client's location.
  14. sunshine

    My Suggestion You Can Fly Your Business With Beautiful Flyers

    Flyers also known as hand bills are single page leaflets (single sided or double sided print) which are used for advertising and marketing an item, business, services, gathering event etc. Inexpensive and expensive both types of flyers are utilized by different organizations to help make...
  15. networld

    My 2 Cents Oxygen Bars - A New Growing Business Opportunity!

    It is a really scary that the air we breath is highly polluted. But a few businessmen find an opportunity behind this global threat. Nowadays O2 bars are being ordered in large quantities during special functions and meetings. I am sure in the near. future we can see more more O2 bar...
  16. Renren

    My Experience Humanatic

    Listen to a recorded phone call, answer a simple question with the click of a button, and earn real money with Humanatic. Anyone of you guys tried this already. Having the idea to create a business like this. I tried working on this site and the idea was cool. I think this is the only company...
  17. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Enhance Your Business By Corporate Gifts

    Gift giving is a precious policy to create strong dealings in corporate world and it’s well known among good marketing and advertising tips. The main purpose of corporate gift is extremely depends on your client for which the gift is selected and ultimately a charming gift for a particular...
  18. saratrunk

    Help Me/Question How Do You Deal With Attracting An Investor For Your New Startup?

    How do you deal with attracting an investor for your new startup? Do you do some marketing first or just go reach out to planners?
  19. sunshine

    My Suggestion Few Necessary And Effective Habits Of A Successful Call Centre Manager

    When it comes to a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services clients want all their issues to be resolved instantly and proficiently without any bother and the call being transferred. Call centre managers usually require a great deal of patience and elegance in order to handle the stress of...
  20. J

    Tutorial Which Shopping Cart To Start Your Business?

    Today the world had transformed into a more digital one compared to the previous decades. Online business has become more popular than ever before. But we all know that starting an online business can be both rewarding and challenging. Knowing where to start, how to run a sustainable business...