new business ideas

  1. cheezcarls

    My Suggestion Big Online Business Ideas You Can Start With

    Hello guys! I am here once again to share something that could possibly blow your own mind away for good, and I think this is going to help you a lot. In other words, I am going to guide you on what's really working in the internet right now, and which one's not. Oh well, I am going to share...
  2. cheezcarls

    Help Me/Question Have You Tried Doing Business By Selling Ad Spaces On Your Website?

    Hello guys! I don't know about you guys, but have you tried selling ad spaces for your website? I can see that this is a business idea that you can possibly generate passive income. You just need a lot of targeted traffic and visitors in order to make this happen. I have experience once in my...
  3. P

    Help Me/Question Sellling Domain Names

    I am clearly aware that there are sites that auction URLs, but i don't know how to maximize the value of the URLs that I own. I originally purchased these domains for businesses I was involved in, but no longer need them. Any suggestions regarding maximizing the value of the sale would be...
  4. fsdqasmia

    Help Me/Question How Important Is Advertising Within The Referrals

    Upon setting up a business, I'm sure that online advertisements matter, but wanted to know if there is any importance of promoting the business within the walls of referrals. Share your opinions, please.
  5. sunshine

    My Suggestion Good Qualities Of An Office Assistant

    Office assistants are the backbone of any business that takes care of the daily business and organization activities. The job responsibilities of an office assistant is bound to cover from helping in maintaining official documents to assisting in payroll processing, dealing with different...
  6. sunshine

    My 2 Cents 5 Components Of Business Plan

    Having a productive business plan at place gives you a good start to earn more profit and incomes as well as chasing business goals efficiently. Below are some major and vital components that make a business plan handful: • Mission statement and/or vision statement so you articulate what...
  7. amultani

    Help Me/Question Wp Premium Theme Vs Free Theme

    I'm confused a bit about WP themes. Some of my friends suggest using free themes due to their availability for no cost while others recommend applying paid themes. Please share your experience here.
  8. Bilal Nasir

    My Experience Online Stores

    I personally own sports items and goods and got a website developed for it from one of my friends. It really helps me in promoting my business. Rather I would say it was amazing for me.
  9. dcristo

    Help Me/Question Have You Considered Becoming A Digital Nomad?

    What I mean by that is travelling around the world in cheap accommodation which is supported by the money you are making online. There are various digital nomad hotspots where like minded internet marketers/coders congregate, like Bangkok/Chang Mai/Manila, just to name a few. I am sure there...
  10. Furqan Rashid

    My Suggestion Graphic Designer Online Business

    In today's world generating an online network pays you more than those On site Networks. For a Graphic Designer Online Business is best available Option. They can get enough for a better livelihood by setting up their setup online. It's not some thing that's going to get you to the top in days...
  11. sunshine

    My Suggestion Tips For Ultimate Success When Starting A Business

    All successful businesses take the time to make sure they have a blueprint to success means a productive business plan. When you have a road map and a direction to go, you will be so much more successful so develop a favorable business plan ahead of time. After that one should take the time to...
  12. cheezcarls

    My 2 Cents Starting A Business With No Money To Invest? Here's How!

    Hello guys! I am here again for another tutorial which is aimed for people who have no startup capital for business. I know almost all of you here are starting from scratch and have no money to invest. Did you know that successful businessmen are also starting from scratch before. If you are...
  13. Muhammad Rizwan

    My Suggestion 10 Business Tips For New Entrepreneurs In 2016

    Starting up a new business is one of the most difficult and time taking the task. Many people are fond of starting their own business. However, when they came to know about the ups and downs and complexity in starting up a business, most of them lose heart at that time. In this article. I will...
  14. sunshine

    My Suggestion Banner Stands Can Attract Customers

    Innovative style banner stands and adverts are really making influence because they’re so pretty good to catch people’s attention. Moreover, this is a low-cost strategy to tell the customers about new products you have. They can also work to tell the world about a sale you’re having. Banner...
  15. bharath

    Help Me/Question Online Printing Company

    I have made all the arrangements to start an online printing company and looking to establish as private limited company. My friend who works in a printing Industry and have much experience to handle the works. I want some of the answers from other country people generally from US, UK Germany...
  16. sunshine

    My Suggestion Home Based Businesses To Earn More

    All kinds of people seems to be work from home these days, and make some good living while others don't. You don't necessarily need a degree, but it depends on what you're doing of course. There are so many different ways to make money from home, including: - Freelance writing - Web design -...
  17. cheezcarls

    My Suggestion Hot Niche Ideas Before Starting Your Online Business

    Hello guys! I hope you're having a good time there now with your business and other life aspects. But right now, it is time for you to start making some progress with your online business for good. You know why? It is because you deserve to become successful, and you definitely need to do...
  18. Marth

    My Experience 3 Advantages Of Starting Online Businesses

    When thinking of new business ideas there's 3 big advantages to keep in mind. First is relatively low start up costs. You can buy a domain and web hosting for $20 or less. If you want to advertise your site it will obviously cost more but compared to other business entry costs it's pennies...
  19. J

    My Suggestion Starting a new business with innovative ideas

    Everyone’s desire is to start a new business. But everyone who is starting business is not succeeding. Very few of them are succeeding in their business. The reason varies from people to people. But most common reason is starting a business with lack of knowledge in it. The ultimate idea is to...