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  1. fisker

    My Experience 6 Must-have Social Media Plugins For Wordpress

    Today I am going to share some social media wordpress plugins that I have personally found useful over the years. Hope you will find it useful too. If you have some recommendations, please share here for others. The correct WordPress plugins will make it a lot easier for you to grow your fan...
  2. selvaa

    My Suggestion Ultimate Comparison : Vs vs The ultimate comparison with pros and cons The webs favorite bloging platform is wordpress. It is a platform that lets you to create, manage and publish your content seamlessly. Wordpress: It is a state of the art semantic personal publishing platform...
  3. Manish Mishra

    Tutorial How To Migrate Your Wordpress Website From One Host To Another

    There are situation like your hosting company started charging high rates, there is more downtime and you are not happy with the service. In this situation we feel like if we can get away with this hosting company. If you want to change the hosting don’t worry you can with this tutorial now...
  4. dcristo

    Help Me/Question Choosing The Best Comment System For Wordpress Sites

    Most wordpress site owners like to use the base comment system in wordpress due to its ease of use. But have you considered using another comment system for your blog(s), such as Facebook or Disqus comments? If so, what made you choose the comment system for your Wordpress blog?
  5. PrashantD

    My Suggestion 7 Tips To Make Your Wordpress Website Secure

    WordPress is the de facto choice as a blogging platform for thousands of users across the globe. The reasons behind the widespread popularity of the CMS apps are ease of use, customizability and support for a huge number of plug-in and extensions. However, using a great looking and content rich...
  6. tipstechtut

    Tutorial Best 3 Free Proven Tools To Check Virus On Website/blog

    Best 3 free proven tools to check Virus on the website/blog Nowadays,very easy to make websites using with CMS, Open source code. But the word open source saying itself, its code is open to all the people on the internet. Easy building, but difficult to handle its security part, we should...
  7. masterbusiness

    Tutorial Detailed Comparison Of The Best Wordpress Backup Plugins Available

    Detailed comparison of the best WordPress backup plugins available I bet that all of us agree that running a website without backup is the last thing a site owner should ever try to do. Having a backup is not a good thing to do, it is the essential thing to do if you want to have a peace of...
  8. fisker

    My Suggestion The Best Local Seo Plugin For Your Wordpress Website

    If you are running a local business, there is a 50% chance you will be using WordPress. That is quite a few WordPress sites. It is not just used by food blogs anymore, huge brands and websites use it too. Why WordPress? Wordpress is quite a flexible platform. There are so many plugins...
  9. PrashantD

    Tutorial Tips To Get A Perfect Ecommerce Store Using Wordpress

    Hi Folks! I've been using Wordpress for quite some time now for all kind of websites. Just thought to share some tips to get an eCommerce store with Wordpress! Ever since CMS apps came into vogue, web design and usage experience has changed for better! These apps, mostly Open Source in...
  10. Dono Nguyen

    My Suggestion Woocommerce Vs Prestashop

    WooCommerce and Prestashop are two popular e-commerce platforms in 2016. Both platforms have lower barrier to entry about technology and finance, so they are suitable for most businesses. There is helpful comparison between WooCommerce and Prestashop by Litextension. Cost-effective...
  11. selvaa

    My Experience 7 Tips To Improve Your Blog Search Engine Rankings

    7 Tips to improve your blog search engine rankings The question in the mind of every blogger is that “How to improve your keywords ranking in Google”. I would suggest you to check the ranking of your keywords before I would start discussing about the tips to improve your search rankings...
  12. fisker

    Tutorial How Can You Counter Loss Of Color And Saturation In Wordpress?

    A very common problem that users face while uploading images or photos to WordPress is the loss of color and saturation. In this post, we are going to take a look at how you can prevent this from happening to you. Why do some images lose color and saturation in WordPress? Most photographers...
  13. Manish Mishra

    Tutorial Top 10 Easy Steps To Launch Your Own Wordpress Website In 2016!!

    This tutorial guides you how you can start/create your own websites in easy steps. This tutorial in completely intended for the newbie’s and beginner who want to start their own websites and they don’t know where to start from. Of course, you need to have a working internet connection and since...
  14. masterbusiness

    Tutorial Ways To Fix The " Error Establishing A Database Connection" In Wordpress

    Ways to Fix the “Error Establishing a Database Connection” in WordPress Many of us have encountered this error message once or a few times. It usually sends shock waves to not only WordPress beginners but also established site owners as they might not be able to solve the issue and their sites...
  15. masterbusiness

    Tutorial 10 Surefire Tips To Get More Comments On Your Wordpress Blog Posts

    10 Surefire Tips to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts Spending hours crafting a nice blog post only for it to get few to no comments at all is a great discouragement and any blogger out there can attest to this. You get the feeling that your hard work has been just in vain and you...
  16. masterbusiness

    Tutorial Here’s What You Don’t Know About Rich Snippets In Wordpress

    Here’s What You Don’t Know About Rich Snippets in WordPress Still skeptical about adding rich snippets on your site? Undecided on which rich snippets to use on your WordPress website or blog? Think again, because rich snippets are becoming a favorite among website owners and bloggers. This...
  17. selvaa

    Tutorial Top 10 Seo Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid In 2016

    10 SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid in 2016 Implementing the SEO in the correct way is important for any blogging campaign. There are several factors which will be performed by Google’s algorithm in ranking the websites. These are the most important SEO mistakes that should be...
  18. cheezcarls

    Help Me/Question Software For Creating Wordpress Plugins?

    Hello guys! How are you doing here? I have a question on how you create Wordpress plugins. This question is meant for programmers who have knowledge in creating Wordpress plugins of your own. I don't know if you are using any software to create Wordpress plugins like that. I also want to...
  19. dcristo

    Help Me/Question Best Wordpress Review Themes

    Review websites specialize in one type of business or service, helping potential buyers find the right products. As such, it makes sense to dedicate a thread to the best wordpress themes to use for review sites. Do any members on WMS have review websites? What theme(s) are you using?
  20. selvaa

    Tutorial Wordpress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal

    WORDPRESS VS JOOMLA VS DRUPAL There are three main options for the people who build powerful websites without having coding and technical aspects of it are Wordpress joomla drupal This three optioned have established themselves as the leaders for this online management systems...