1. selvaa

    My Suggestion Most Important Things To Know About Google’s Panda Algo

    Most Important Things To Know About Google’s Panda Algo The Google’s Panda algorithm for ranking the contents depends mostly on the content rather than popularity. The ranking is done only on the basis of the quality of the content rather providing mobile versions or acquiring backlinks...
  2. Zirkon Kalti

    My 2 Cents What You Should Know About Google Panda

    Google launched the Google Panda algorithm in February 2011 because there are too many sites that are using low quality content to get ranked on the search engine. Sites that have been penalized by the Google Panda can get back their ranking if they rectify the issues. If you want to recover...
  3. Zirkon Kalti

    Tutorial How To Recover From Google Panda Penalty

    Google Panda is a domain level penalty so it will affect the entire site and not just the ranking of a single page. The first Google Panda update took place on the 23rd September 2014. The last roll out is the Panda 4.2 which occurred in July 2015. the last roll out of the Panda 4.2 has affected...
  4. Aires

    Help Me/Question What Would Be The Effects That Google Panda Now Is In Real Time

    I know most of us are aware that Google recently announced that Panda Algorithm is now in real time. So I just to know some of your insight about this.
  5. selvaa

    My Suggestion Difference Between Google Panda And Google Penguin

    For those who deal with SEO and blogging, Google panda and Google penguin should not be something new to them. Both Google Panda and Google Penguin have some common attributes. Panda and penguin, the two most discussed Google updates. Google Panda Google Panda was introduced in 24th...
  6. sunshine

    Help Me/Question A Question And Help Needed About Seo Panda

    Hello there, I have a question regarding SEO and text. Let’s say that I am the owner of a website with url text dot com with tons off texts and content. Then I create a new site with the url texting dot com. I just want to know how will Google react if I take the text and content from my old...
  7. PrashantD

    My Experience Google Update

    Over the past week, I've seen plenty of shifts in the way traffic is coming to my site from Google. All of a sudden, some new keywords have ranked and some have lost their value. This hasn't been drastic, but there have been changes with most of my websites. Has it happened with you as well...