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  1. sunshine

    My Suggestion Benefits Of Online Banking

    Here I am writing this post to tell you the benefits of online banking as well as how online banking facilitates our lives in this busy age of life. Benefits of doing banking online are obvious and as follows: • You don't have to wait in line. • You don't have to plan your day around the bank's...
  2. cheezcarls

    My Experience Solidtrustpay Experience

    Hello guys! Do you have any experience about Solidtrustpay payment processor? I do have experience with them before, because I was joining a revshare program that pays through STP. But I do have a problem with STP. When I try to verify my account, it failed and my debit card can't be removed...
  3. Furqan Rashid

    My Experience Best Withdrawal Options In Pakistan

    Like me most of Pakistani freelancers would have been struggling to get the payments withdrawn but couldn't get them. As Paypal is not available in Pakistan so we have to find some alternative for it. Here are some best available Paypal alternatives available in Pakistan. 1. Skrill(Money...
  4. Furqan Rashid

    My Experience Withdraw Skrill Dollars In Pakistan

    Withdrawing money from skrill account is easier and convenient as it is dirctly transferred to your personel bank account in your local currency. In order to withdraw funds into you bank account from skrill you need to link your account . For that skrill provides a banker confirmation form. Just...
  5. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Help Me/Question How To Get My Skrill Debit Card From Bangladesh

    Hello All, I am a freelancer and digital marketer .I have a Skrill account where deposit my money from different freelance market place .Sometimes I meet some problem for withdrawal in my local bank. So I need a Skrill debit card . Please help me .
  6. cheezcarls

    My Experience Blockchain Payment Processor

    Hello guys! Have you tried Blockchain payment processor? I think they are a very decent and legit Bitcoin payment processor that I've ever used. When I want to have a balance added to my Blockchain payment processor, I used a third party currency exchange site called (exclusive for...
  7. cheezcarls

    My Experience Skrill Debit Card

    Hello guys! I would like to share my own experience with Skrill debit card. Unfortunately my Skrill card was damaged now and needs to be replaced through shipping it to my doorstep. But when I do have a Skrill card before, I was enjoying it. Not only that I shop digital goods that uses...
  8. Muhammad Rizwan

    My Suggestion How To Bypass Mobile Verification Security Check On Paypal?

    Nowadays, Paypal is becoming more strict towards accounts security. Many people are using Paypal accounts without verification and after sometimes the account gets limitations. One of the most common limitations is we can't login to our account. Paypal security server asks for a mobile...
  9. skylimit

    Tutorial All You Need To Know About Payza - Formerly - Alertpay

    What is Payza? Payza is an online payment money processing service. You can receive and send money wherever you want. You can use Payza to shop online, send money online using your credit card, bank account or Payza e-wallet. How many types of account do Payza have? You can have two types...
  10. skylimit

    Tutorial How To Verify - Attach Card - To Paypal - Explained?

    How to Verify - Attach Card - to Paypal - Explained? In this tutorial, I will try to cover, How to Verify, How to attach card to paypal. If you guys don't know what Paypal is, you can head over to google and search the term Paypal to know more about it. In short, Paypal is a worldwide online...
  11. B

    Help Me/Question How To Get A Verified Paypal ?

    How to get a verified paypal without credit card or bank account? any suggestions?
  12. networld

    Help Me/Question Is it safe to attach your debit or credit card with paypal?

    Here in India the only way to use PayPal during shopping is to attach your credit or debit card to it. PayPal here is not authorized to hold fund for more than 24 hours. But I wonder is it safe to attach your card to PayPal? I read about a very shocking incident that happened to an e-commerce...
  13. networld

    Help Me/Question Can we open multiple paypal accounts?

    Is it wise to open different PayPal accounts for different bank accounts? I just wanted to check if there is any ToS violation if I do this. I would like to use different PayPal account with different earning sites. I already have multiple bank accounts with me. So, is it possible to open...
  14. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question Question about paypal debit card

    I would like to know more about Paypal debit card. Which country does Paypal offer the debit card? Can you use it to withdraw from ATM? Does it charge a fee? What is the process of obtaining one if I wanted the card?
  15. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question 2checkout vs paypal as payment gateway?

    I have a question: Is 2Checkout or Paypal better for a payment gateway. I know Paypal but I am not sure about 2Checkout although I have read a lot of good reviews on them. I would like to hear from 2Checkout users on why they prefer 2CO as a payment gateway instead of Paypal.
  16. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question What is google wallet?

    What is Google Wallet? What are its benefits and disadvantages? Is it good for people who have many debit/credit cards? Do you have any issues using it? Do you reload it with funds before buying something?
  17. bharath

    My Experience Moneybrookers (skril)

    Moneybookers is a well-known payment processor and they are in the business from years as it is one top payment processor for German programs. I have positive things with them, but their withdrawal fees was too high that stopped me to use. I still love to use because we are able to transfer...
  18. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question Have you ever use payza before?

    Has anyone ever used Payza to accept payment for their services? Is there any document you need to submit to withdraw funds to your bank account? Is it safe to use? I've heard a lot of bad things about their dispute system? Is there anyone with any experience on their disputing system?
  19. Muhammad Rizwan

    My Experience Skrill verification system

    Skrill which is also known as Moneybookers is a payment processor working online. They are improving their services day by day. In order to maintain competition with others. Currently, they are providing all necessary services required for a Payment Processor. Besides that Skrill is taking the...
  20. networld

    Help Me/Question Why Is There A Limitation On Paypal In India?

    In India we are not allowed to keep funds in PayPal for more than 24 hours. It will automatically be withdrawn to the bank account after 24 hours. I know this is as per RBI (Reserve Bank of India) guidelines. We can't use PayPal funds for any further transactions either. The only way for...