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  1. Muhammad Rizwan

    My Experience Skrill is the best payment processor after paypal

    Skrill is also another payment processor working online. It is the second best payment processor having lots of amazing features. The account can be made very easily and verification is also simple. The best thing is low fees on transactions. As compared to PayPal, Skrill doesn't charge fees for...
  2. Muhammad Rizwan

    My Experience Paypal Is The Most Trusted Payment Processor!

    Almost all of us are familiar with Paypal. It is one of the best payment processor working online from a long time. Many people prefer using this payment processor as compared to others. They offer a lot of features and services, both for clients and merchants. The best thing is Paypal offers...
  3. Marc

    Help Me/Question Uk-based Firm Acquires Alertpay

    Old news but there are no discussions about it so I thought it'd be best to start up a thread. Not to mention that I recently got the news over instant messaging a week ago.. that shows you that I'm no AlertPay user, heh. Since a UK firm acquired AlertPay - are there any benefits for UK...
  4. Alex

    Help Me/Question 2checkout - Any Experience?

    2co or also known as is a web service designed to accept payments on your behalf and pay you via your preferred method every week/month. When I was thinking about signing up for the service, they were charging a $50 account activation fee and $10 monthly fee regardless of whether...
  5. Alex

    Help Me/Question Have You Used Moneybookers (skrill)?

    Moneybookers is one of the largest payment processing websites available today. Recently, they've been re-branding their service now known as "Skrill". It can be accessed both from and If you have an account, you can login at both of them. The reason why...
  6. V

    Help Me/Question Web Hosts Accepting Moneybookers ?

    Hello, As the title goes I would like to know if there are Hosting companies that accept Moneybookers as a payment option. This would be great for users in certain Asian countries where PayPal has imposed limitations on sending Payment. If you have used any such hosts please share it with...
  7. imported_temi

    My 2 Cents Cheque Clearing Time To Be Faster

    The humble cheque book which was facing abolition until a few week ago will not only be reprieved but even improved and enhance of the proposal of a committee of MP goes as planed. You can read excepts from the full BBC article below and read the full article on BBC's website: The "delays...
  8. P

    Tutorial What Is Accounting?

    "The art of recording, classifying, and summarizing in a significant manner and in terms of money, transactions and events which are, in part at least, of financial character, and interpreting the results thereof." - By AICPA How many SMEs or SBO do it themselves? It is not a difficult one...
  9. N

    My 2 Cents Vevopay Pa-dss Certified Payment Application

    VevoPay is an ASP.NET PA-DSS certified payment application which is designed and implemented to meet all PCI DSS requirements (PCI Data Security Standard). VevoPay has been fully audited by the qualified assessor and is a PA-DSS officially certified payment application. VevoPay integrates...
  10. C

    Tutorial Moneybookers Payment Module For Boss Cart Premium

    Boss Cart premium now comes with Moneybookers as a possible payment gateway. With this there are over 17 payment gateways included in the e-commerce application so shop owners can choose from a large number of payment gateways. With over 14 million account, Moneybookers is one of the largest...
  11. O

    Tutorial Add Website Name Into Esyndicat Paypal Email

    Article: Add Website name into eSyndicat Paypal email You can view the page at
  12. N

    My 2 Cents Vevopay - Pci Compliant Payment Application

    VevoPay is an ASP.NET PCI compliant payment application. VevoPay is designed and implemented to meet all PCI requirements. Currently, VevoPay has already been fully audited by the qualified assessor and is in the final stage of being PA-DSS officially certified. VevoPay can operate with...
  13. B

    My 2 Cents High Risk Merchant Processer!!!

    Having trouble getting approved. We have an extremely high success rate. We also can offer lower rates and high payouts to our agents. Feel free to contact me. Joe Laskey skype: laskey_financial
  14. I

    Tutorial A Brief Guide To Effective Customer Invoicing

    In an ideal world all of your customers would pay thier bills promptly. Until this utopia materlises, the following should help to speed-up and simplify the payment process. - Agree payment methods and terms in advance. - Set out your trading terms in writing - if you are providing goods...
  15. touchmenow

    Help Me/Question What Is The Best Merchant Processing Solution?

    If you want to take credit card orders (or pre-orders), what is the best merchant processing solution? I've heard the PayPal and Google Checkout will freeze your funds if even a single person complains about your service to them.
  16. Hafsoh

    Help Me/Question Which is the best online payment process

    I have just read an article which outlined that moneybookers don't have buyer protection, so its risky to use that payment gateway with people whom you don't trust. However that Paypal don't have seller protection that you have to be careful while receiving payments because once your account...
  17. A

    My Suggestion Beware The Banks

    Hi This is a warning tale of what can happen if you get caught by one of the increasingly clever hoaxers. I know this because it happened to me recently. I take it for granted that you, like me, believe that scammers, hoaxers and fraudsters are the scum of the earth so I will concentrate my...
  18. Sabre

    Help Me/Question Escrow - Advice Needed?

    I'm on the verge of a decent website sale and I was wondering what the pros and cons of using escrow were? I know they take pretty heavy commission but it's a decent sale and I don't want any problems. Any advice would be very useful!
  19. E

    Help Me/Question Which Online Payment Gateways You Choosing?

    Whether doing business at home or abroad, the same problem we facing is how to settle the payment,Which payment gateway you choosing now? How to make the transaction securely between the customer and the merchant. Do you have anything to share? Two heads are better than one, welcome to your...
  20. Webmasterserve

    My 2 Cents Paypal to offer credit

    Online payment service PayPal will offer credit financing with General Electric's GE Money Bank in a bid to win new customers and improve business for merchants that use its service. PayPal, which is owned by eBay, is facing increased competition from Google's Checkout, which has made a...