1. M

    My Suggestion Cancel PayPal Payments

    Have you faced any issue while cancelling unwanted PayPal payments? Check out this helpful guide to check an unwanted PayPal Payment: How To Cancel A PayPal Payment?
  2. SeanQuinn87

    Help Me/Question What Is A Good Alternative To Paypal?

    What is a good alternative online wallet service / provider to PayPal?
  3. SeanQuinn87

    Help Me/Question How Do I Access My Account Account If I Only Know My Email?

    I forgot my password for my PayPal account, so i dont the email reset, which work and i entered the code emailed to me. but then it has taken me to a second step where i have to either receive a text message from PayPal or a phone call from them. But the mobile number listed on it is an old one...
  4. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question Share Your Thoughts Why Paypal Doesn't Offer Its Debit Card Across All Countries?

    Paypal is most popular online payment processing medium which helps to get our freelancer payment in local bank account. It also provide debit card but in few countries,in my country it doesn't provide this service. Share your thoughts why Paypal doesn't offer debit card across all countries?
  5. Muhammad Rizwan

    My Suggestion 3 Facts You Need To Know About Paypal

    Many of you are familiar with PayPal and its importance in the online field. But let me tell you about it in short, so that new people could also know about it. PayPal is an online payment processor working for many years. It deals with currencies from all over the world. It is a fast, secure...
  6. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question Why Paypal Account Is Important?

    I have a freelancer account and I got a project and make money I want to withdrawal my money but I can not withdraw my money directly my bank account why world wide payment processing are not available in my country bank I need a Paypal account or any other payment processing website to attach...
  7. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question Can I Add Paypal Account On Freelancer Website With Different Name?

    I face a problem with adding my paypal account on the freelancing websites. Because my debit card is not enabled for international transection . So I want to add my brother paypal account with my freelancer account . This process is possible or not.If you have any suggestion and idea then reply...
  8. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question Paypal Or Payoneer, Which One Is Best For Online Payment Processing

    Paypal is mostly used by freelancers,and now Payoneer is also like and used by them. Both are used for online payment processing,most of the freelancers have knowledge about Paypal because of their regular and long time use. Which one is best for online payment processing Paypal or Payoneer?
  9. suzzi winget

    Help Me/Question Is Paypal Best For Online Transcation?

    i dont have paypal paypal best for money transfer???
  10. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question Paypal Button

    I want to sell products and service from my website. Since paypal is widely used payment processor, I am thinking to use paypal. Do I need to have a paypal business account? How do I install pay via paypal button?
  11. selvaa

    My Suggestion Top 10 Paypal Alternative In 2016

    PayPal Alternative: Top 10 Services To Make Online Payments Paypal has become so famous that it has free payment processing and also supports a large variety of banks. If both the receiver and sender has a valid pay-pal account it becomes very easy to transfer money. But pay-pal isn't...
  12. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Help Me/Question How To Get Verified Paypal Account From Bangladesh?

    I am a Freelancer and Digital marketer in Bangladesh .I am working freelancing jobs from many Clients .They prefer to give money via Paypal.I have no verified Paypal account recent.Please help to get a verified Paypal account.
  13. challengewriter

    My Experience Paypal Verification

    So I verified my South African Paypal account, with my Nigerian MasterCard Debit Card. I was about to make a payment and I wasn't allowed to unless I put in a valid debit card, I was desperate and hoping it would work, I put in my card details and it work and my account became verified...
  14. cheezcarls

    My 2 Cents Paypal Alternatives That You Can Count On

    Hello guys! What's up WMS community? How are you doing all of you? I hope you have a great time with your business. But did you know that every online business needs an active payment processor, right? In other words, you should take your business to the next level by setting up your own...
  15. kenzenith

    My Suggestion 10 Tips For A Safe Online Payment Transaction In 2016

    Nowadays, online payment is a very vital tool for everyone, especially to online business, as it is the fastest and easiest way to send and receive money worldwide. The most commonly used one today is Paypal which you can use to send and receive money just by entering your email to the site you...
  16. sunshine

    My Suggestion Top 5 Online Payment Solutions

    Good Day! It is the age of internet and almost everyone making business transactions online and it is relatively easy to collect payments for goods and services from anywhere in the world via payment service providers. Here are top 5 online payment service providers that you can use for your...
  17. Muhammad Rizwan

    My Suggestion How To Bypass Mobile Verification Security Check On Paypal?

    Nowadays, Paypal is becoming more strict towards accounts security. Many people are using Paypal accounts without verification and after sometimes the account gets limitations. One of the most common limitations is we can't login to our account. Paypal security server asks for a mobile...
  18. skylimit

    Tutorial How To Verify - Attach Card - To Paypal - Explained?

    How to Verify - Attach Card - to Paypal - Explained? In this tutorial, I will try to cover, How to Verify, How to attach card to paypal. If you guys don't know what Paypal is, you can head over to google and search the term Paypal to know more about it. In short, Paypal is a worldwide online...
  19. networld

    Help Me/Question Is it safe to attach your debit or credit card with paypal?

    Here in India the only way to use PayPal during shopping is to attach your credit or debit card to it. PayPal here is not authorized to hold fund for more than 24 hours. But I wonder is it safe to attach your card to PayPal? I read about a very shocking incident that happened to an e-commerce...
  20. networld

    Help Me/Question Can we open multiple paypal accounts?

    Is it wise to open different PayPal accounts for different bank accounts? I just wanted to check if there is any ToS violation if I do this. I would like to use different PayPal account with different earning sites. I already have multiple bank accounts with me. So, is it possible to open...