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    Selling Different security attacks in cloud computing that one should know

    Different types of cloud computing security threats include- Data breach, Data loss, DDoS attack, Crypto-jacking, Account hijacking, Insider threats and Unsecure APIs, etc. If you are looking for cloud security services then please visit: AWS Penetration Testing & AWS Cloud Security -...
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    MALWARE REMOVAL SERVICE PLANS BASIC - $159: Treat 1 website Buy Now! STANDARD - $249: Treat up to 6 websites Buy Now! PROFESSIONAL - $349: Treat Unlimited Websites. Buy Now!
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    Selling Vulnerabilities on mobile applications that can be exploited by hackers are:

    Different mobile application security gaps that could be exploited by hackers are: default passwords, error handling, common misconfigurations, API’s used to enhance the functionality of the applications, resentful employees, zero-day vulnerabilities can lead to your mobile application being...