penetration testing

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    Selling Different security attacks in cloud computing that one should know

    Different types of cloud computing security threats include- Data breach, Data loss, DDoS attack, Crypto-jacking, Account hijacking, Insider threats and Unsecure APIs, etc. If you are looking for cloud security services then please visit: AWS Penetration Testing & AWS Cloud Security -...
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    Selling Are you looking for Thick Client Penetration Testing

    SecureLayer7 is a Cyber Security Company Specialized in Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing Services, Source Code Audit, Red Teaming. Providing managed security services in India, USA, UAE & many more countries. To fix thick client vulnerabilities, first, identify security flaws using...
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    Selling Internet of Things (IoT) security testing & assessment Services

    With the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses today are seeing unprecedented ease of communication among the components of the complete infrastructure, including the network, applications, services, gateways, and most importantly, the physical devices, or the “things” in general...