1. SeanQuinn87

    My Experience I Started Out Years Ago With A "free Forums" Forum.

    I started out many years ago with a free forum provided by "Free Forums". :P Did anyone else use them ?
  2. Prasoon Arora

    Tutorial Setting Up Page Redirect Using Html Or Php Page.

    Sometimes we all face issues when we need to get our website redirected to other page during the maintenance of the website or when the website needs to be updated. Index page denotes the homepage of the website which may be found as index.html, index.php .php pages always have higher priority...
  3. J

    Help Me/Question Is It Worth Switching To 3.1?

    I'm still using 3.0.12. Is it worth bothering switching to their newer, significantly different version? My issue is that my current theme isn't compatible with 3.1, so I'd have to hit my users with a brand new look and they'd probably get mildly annoyed at me changing things,
  4. Missy

    Help Me/Question Need Help In Choosing A Phpbb Theme.

    I have a question. I'm thinking about starting a forum using phpBB for the first time in almost a decade but I don't want to actually design it, myself. Or shell out a lot of money for a theme. Free is best but something low priced is fine, too. Are there any phpBB themes you'd like or...