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    My Experience Have You Ever Been Scammed By A Site?

    In my early days of online earning career I had been scammed by a number of sites and most of them were PTCs. I thought it would be a good option to earn easy money and as time passes I realized that most of them were not going to pay me anything. They were turning into scam sites one by one...
  2. networld

    My Suggestion What Are Your Pre-requisites To Join An Online Earning Site?

    You can find a number of online earning opportunities and I am curious to know how you decide which one is suitable for you? Before joining a site I look for the following factors : <> I usually check the track record of the company and try to go through a number of reviews. <> I may avoid a...
  3. networld

    Help Me/Question Why google hates traffic generated through ptc and traffic exchange sites?

    It is a known fact that Google does not support traffic generated through PTC (Paid To Click) sites and traffic exchanges. They need only organic traffic. But why is it so? In PTC you know members in fact are not interested to see what is being advertised. They are busy completing their...