1. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Just Gossip Every Person Should Obey His/her Religion.

    God is our creator .We should obey God`s rules,if we want happy after death .If you obey God`s rules ,God will be happy you.So Think what happen after death.
  2. Renren

    Asking Advice A History Christianity

    In the initial decades of the Roman Empire, at the eastern end of the Mediterranean, a new religion, Christianity, emerged. Much of the impetus for this new religion rested in issues in the Jewish religion, including a long-standing belief in the coming of a Messiah and rigidities that had...
  3. Ramakrishnan

    My 2 Cents What Is The Greatest Wonder In This World?

    The famous Hindu epic Mahabharata narrates an incident, which is like this: Yama, the God of Death asked Yudhisthira, the Pandava King renowned for his righteousness: “What is the greatest wonder in this world?” Yudhisthira replied: “Several people are dying around us every day. Yet every person...
  4. Ramakrishnan

    Asking Advice Are You Religious Or Spiritual?

    Both religion and spirituality are of the same kind, but they have some fundamental difference. I am religious because I am born in a family that belongs to a specific religion. Religion is related to my body and mind, whereas spirituality is related to my soul. Religion is something imposed on...
  5. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Do You Believe In Life After Death?

    I'd like to consider this question:" Do you believe in life after death?" What is there to consider and why? We are social animals and know well we should must die any time. Why would we think we are something special that deserves a better life after life?
  6. phoenix2015

    My 2 Cents Prayer And Meditation

    Guys, It doesn't matter what religion you follow, I believe prayer and meditation are essential to a healthy life. Your physical health, mental health, and spiritual health can all be improved by taking the time to quiet your mind and be thankful. I pray and meditate every day. What do you...