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  1. Prasoon Arora

    Seeking Reviews An Online Shopping Portal To Shop Everything.

    I have receltly taken the project to build an online portal for the client and wish to get your reviews so that I can think of the modification if required. The theme have been selected by the client so no changes can be made., which would be a revolutionary portal which have...
  2. steve taylor

    Positive Nptel Is Best For Engineering Student.

    NPTEL it is the best resource to learn engineering subjects. Here available all the engineering subjects lectures. Through YouTube. The teacher is belongs to Indian institute of technologies (IIT) and Indian institute of science (IISc). and it is avilable free. So i suggest you go here and learn...
  3. Prasoon Arora

    Positive Language Learning And Building Website Using W3schools Knowledge Platform.

    We all wish to explore things as much as we can. Being a Web Master, I have experienced number of scenarios when I was unaware of the things to move ahead and was not even having the option to look around. For the newbie, who do not have much time, and wish to explore the coding experience to...
  4. cheezcarls

    Seeking Reviews Please Review My Niche Blog

    Hello everyone! I'm back, and I am playing something new here. I recently setup my new dog blog here: Doggd – All about dogs! By the way, my niche blog posts are on autopilot using an automated Twitter Wordpress plugin, and my posts are also tweeted automatically to my Twitter account. I...
  5. centreforsurgery

    Seeking Reviews A New Website And Would Love Feebacks

    Hi everyone, I work for a private healthcare clinic and recently have worked on a new website. Please take a look at the website and review it. Here is the link: We are aiming for simplicity, ease of access and informative. Greatly appreciated, Centre for Surgery