ruby programming

  1. Pooja Sharma

    Help Me/Question Is Ruby Programming Still Used?

    I am curious about this. I started learning coding from C language and my teachers never taught Ruby programming. Do we still use it? Is is easy to learn? Should I refer books for this or I can learn it online beacuse coaching classes don't teach it. I just want to increase my knowledge in this.
  2. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question Is Ruby Programming Similar To C And C + +?

    As we know Ruby is also object oriented programming language. I know c and C++ programming language concept very well. I want to learn Ruby programming language it is similar to C and C + + or not what difficulty level are there in learning Ruby programming as compared to C and C + +.give your...
  3. jazzvaga

    Help Me/Question What Are Your Favorite Commands To Execute Ruby Programs

    Guys, What methods / commands / execution functions you use to deal with your code in Ruby Language? Anything specific here or you simply code it in a normal sequence!