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  1. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Tutorial How To Conduct Good Seo Keyword Research

    In order to be successful in your search engine marketing campaign, you need to do SEO keyword research. Knowing the best keywords to use in your internet marketing campaigns is crucial if you want to rank well for search terms that will drive traffic to your website. How to find keywords for...
  2. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Tutorial Learn Basic Seo

    What is the purpose of the Search Engine Optimization? SEO is a large garden to grow tremendously. Understanding SEO is very important for you as a web site owner. Sometimes you can always do a bit of search engine yourself if you are a website owner. Knowing the basics of SEO is very important...
  3. selvaa

    Tutorial Google Algorithm - Ranking Factors

    Google Algorithm - Ranking Factors Here are some important factors that helps in Google ranking. These factors are proven but few maybe of controversial which I have managed to put together for WMS Users. Domain Factors Domain Age: One of the factors that google search engines...
  4. sunshine

    Help Me/Question Directory Submission Is Beneficial?

    According to the studies, directory submission is one of the handpicked strategies for your website to get popular on the internet. It is the fundamental step taken by marketers to improve link popularity of a website. This wonderful method helps in gaining quality one-way incoming backlinks...
  5. sunshine

    Help Me/Question How To Check Keyword Ranks Based On Location?

    Good day there! I am a Blogger and internet geek and running more than 8 websites, I want to check keyword rank in google based on the exact locations. Can anyone please guide me if there is any method wherein we can add location while browsing in Google or any ranking software which has the...
  6. sunshine

    Help Me/Question A Question And Help Needed About Seo Panda

    Hello there, I have a question regarding SEO and text. Let’s say that I am the owner of a website with url text dot com with tons off texts and content. Then I create a new site with the url texting dot com. I just want to know how will Google react if I take the text and content from my old...
  7. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question Does Google Penalize For Using The Same Phrase At The End Of Post

    Does Google penalize for including the same sentence at the end of every post example, "please follow us at Facebook, and Twitter @" to encourage the readers for following. Is this count as duplicate content?