1. G

    Neutral Looking For Reviews Of This Company

    Have you known how b2netsolutions company works? I'm looking for reviews of them and appreciate any info about their activity in the Internet. Thanks in advance.
  2. H

    Neutral Web hosting services

    Find affordable webhosting serrvices in UK and
  3. A

    Neutral Best Hosting

    Below the list: hostgator yahoo webhostingpad justhost fatcow ixwebhosting bluehost hostmonster fastdomain 1and1 lunarpages
  4. D

    Neutral Limited Usa Vps Promo $1 Ram 2gb

    Good evening, I found this VPS promo which is only $1 in the first month. DotBlock's competitive advantages of quality, affordability and personal care, in conjunction with its array of hosting options, makes it the most obvious solution for your VPS needs. Processor (CPU) Speed​​: 2.5 GHz...
  5. Webmasterserve

    Neutral Why you should not host your site on - unstable platform + useless sla

    I bough a hosting package on supposedly solid hosting platform with 100% up time guarantee, the platform is anything but stable, there was even a time when my sites were offline for over 2 days, a few weeks after that, sites were down again for more than 48 hours. In between the...
  6. J

    Neutral Ddos Attacks Against Hostmonster

    Hostmonster apparently has been under a DDoS attack for months, including the server my sites are on. This apparently is preventing them from responding to requests for SSL certs, etc. They've addressed the problem to some extent by assigning dedicated IPs to different sites, but that doesn't...
  7. Webmasterserve

    Neutral Hosting With Simple Advice Is Don't Its A Useless Hosting Company

    As we all know, there are hundreds if now thousands of web hosting company, each claiming to be better than the other etc etc, well, if you come across a UK hosting company called UK2.NET, my suggestion is that you should host your site with any hosting company EXCEPT UK2.NET . They are...
  8. europe1

    Neutral Godaddy - Slow Website?

    Hi all I'm running several websites and just started a new site and hosted it at godaddy (not done that before :biggrin:) I think that the site I host with godaddy load much slower than my other sites. Is it me or does anyone else have that problem?
  9. J

    Neutral Hosting Review For Hostome

    I've been using great web hosting service of from couple of years. I'm saying it good as I found this company provides cheap web hosting with quality. You can start your cheap web hosting at $2.45/month. Get unlimited reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers at most...
  10. B

    Neutral 8 Gb For $1 Per Month? I Need Some Help.... Please check the link above. It seems that company offers 8 GB of space for $1 per month. Is that possible? Why so cheap? What servers do they have I wonder. I'm curious as the offer looks very interesting as for me.
  11. B

    Neutral Transferring Sites With Godaddy Help?!

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this so sorry if it is in the wrong section. I have just purchased a site in a private transaction with the registrar being GoDaddy. I am new to using goDaddy and came accorss this 60 day lock? I have not made any changes to the domain and site that has just been...
  12. DavidAmerland

    Neutral The quality of your hosting is vital to seo

    Hosting is so complex and we, as users, understand so little of it and get to see so little of what it does that we often consider it as an afterthought and make a choice based on price. This can no longer be the case (it never should have been to tell the truth). The latest Google filter to be...
  13. H

    Neutral Playboyhost Review

    So, I need a reliable hosting, but not overly expensive. I'm still a teenager so clothes and life takes priority over web hosting . Anyways, theres not much to tel ya about PlayboyHost. I asked some PreSales question, the guy there answered them quickly and with 100% perfect english . Been...
  14. Multiversum

    Neutral Need review for

    Hello! I am working with many companies and have expands of partners from time to time. and this time I have found the very interesting attractive and reliable-looking dedicated server specialists from UK called Can anyone be so kind to review this provider? I need to know if...
  15. R

    Neutral Planetonline Hosting Review

    Hi All, One of my friend told me about just 2 months before, then i decided to approach this company.In starting i was afraid but now m satisfied , seriously they are good and reliable and their prices are affordable.If someone need for hosting then i personally suggest them to...
  16. M

    Neutral Hostlatch

    I have been a custermer of HostLatch for several months now and i must say i am unimpressed. They have terrible downtime and taking a very very long time responding to support tickets. I have been running a host company as a reseller and every time they went down i submitted a ticket and got...
  17. D

    Neutral Voip Business Help. Need Your Help

    I need Huge server to start providing VOIP service and also looking a reliable place to order this. My requirements are: 4 CPU, RAID 1, 3 Mbps, up to 90 ch... 300,000 must be included One of my friends recommended, but I still hesitate to trust them or not. Their pricing looks...
  18. B

    Neutral Softlayer

    I want to get more information about softlayer. thanks a lot.
  19. Y

    Neutral Kvchosting and their great help

    One of my friends, who ran a business of his own, gave me the idea about contacting KVCHosting and their great services. He said it has helped his business immensely and resulted in better sales and profits. I checked out the web hosting services offered by this service provider and found them...
  20. H

    Neutral Gfxwebhosting Review

    Size matters, what is the size of the hosting company? GFXWebHosting is one of the leading webhosting provider in Bangladesh since 2008. They serve the maily the corporate websites of Bangladesh. They also provide webhosting in UAE, USA, UK through promotion. Domain Registration GFXWebHosting...