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    Help Me/Question How To Create Geo Replication For Azure Sql Using Python

    I have gone through the python azure SDK documentation. But I cannot able to find any modules that can be used to create SQL geo-replication. I can find PowerShell commands to create geo-replication. But I need it in python. Thanks
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    My Suggestion Top Technology Trends Of 2018

    Best app development for startups The difference among Startups and Established Brands are too evidential and numerous to ignore or list down. Having worked with both, we realize first hand that both the entities are diverse not just work or culture wise, but the difference also seeps into...
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    My Suggestion How To Implement Responsive Web Design?

    A current study found a quarter of all Americans use mobile devices to access the web. One out of every five people own a smartphone and over half use it to surf the internet. If your website doesn’t read well on those devices, you’re losing a huge amount of mobile users. It’s time to grip...
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    Tutorial Wordpress Plugins For Beginners

    It’s not worth it to try and figure out the manual approach of adding popup messages to your site or animating your new landing page. With so many tremendous plugins out there, why expend your time to code that functionality from scratch when someone else has already done it for you? Approved...