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    My 2 Cents Milk Home Delivery App

    Milk home delivery app is designed for the dairy farms so that they can manage the business and delivery with the mobile app and can operate the business function from wherever they want. This app will keep the record of product services customer subscriptions and payments. Your customers can...
  2. echoinnovateit

    My Experience Custom Software For Small Business

    There are many small businesses whose first securing of software is a commercial off-the-shelf product. Whereas this may work for many companies with common business processes, the first hint that the fit is less than perfect will come if you find yourself performing manual interventions or...
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    My Experience 5 Ways To Boost Visitor Retaining On Your Website

    Visitor retaining is an important metric, seeing as how a lot of visitors don’t actually become customers right away but have to suffer several stages prior to this. You shouldn’t get discouraged by those who visit your e-store and leave without buying or come to your website and leave without...
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    My Experience Features Of Software Generated By Custom Software Development Company

    Custom software development company develop different types of software such as HR & Payroll software, Point of Sales (POS) software, Store management software, Real Estate CRM software, Medicine Shop management software, Prescription management software, Invoice/ Billing software, Accounting...
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    My Experience Software Development Services

    Echo Innovate IT Software is always mindful of providing efficient and quality work while designing software according to your budget and timeframe. You can believe us as your number one custom software development company. From smart customization of pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom...
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    My Experience Top Web Developer Tools

    As a Mobile App Development Company, you can’t afford to be outgunned by your competitors. You need to make sure you have the top web developer tools in the business. Sure, anyone is talented of producing a professional-looking website with the help of “DIY-style” website builders. But if you’ve...
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    My Experience Why A Responsive Web Design Will Help You Get More Visitors

    If you don’t have a responsive web design, then probabilities are you’re missing out on a lot of potential visitors and customers. You may even be losing some. Here’s why a responsive web design will help you get extra visitors, and how not implementing this design could be handicapping your...
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    My Experience What Are The Advantages Of Web Developing With Mean Stack Development?

    In today’s highly modest world, every company – big, small, and long-established or just a startup, needs to have a strong digital presence. There are several ways for them to achieve this. Mean stack, at the moment, is a popular approach. MEAN is basically an abbreviation for MongoDB...
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    Special Offer Back-end Development

    Our website layouts are responsive to suit the times of Desktops, mobiles, tablets, and iPad usage. Websites designed by us are highly adaptive to the endless new resolutions and devices. Jellyfish Technologies is a professional web design company, with a pool of expert designers, who work...
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    Help Me/Question Wordpress Vs Joomla

    Hello, I have a few WordPress sites but have been recently having serious issues with WordPress and have decided that it is maybe time I looked at Joomla, but I have never used it or even looked at it until now, I would guess a lot of opinions abound but I am really after someone who has...
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    Solved/Closed 7 Ways To Increase Customer Mobile App Spending

    Today, there is so much competition out there in all industry. Your company is challenging with local, regional, national, and global giants. One of the best methods for you to survive, thrive, and gain a competitive edge is to get your customers to spend more money. It’s a simple model that...
  12. echoinnovateit

    My Experience Why You Should Select To Go With Rapid App Prototyping Before Developing Your Mvp?

    Ever doubted why every successful business has built a Rapid Prototype of their software idea before construction a Minimal Viable Product out of it. Here’s why? Something big or complicated you see being built is based on many small efforts and different tiny parts that come together to give...
  13. echoinnovateit

    Help Me/Question How To Get Natural Links??

    Google Says Making Quality Links Is Against Google's Webmaster Guidelines... Now Google wants natural links. Can anyone explain how to get natural links??
  14. echoinnovateit

    Help Me/Question How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Website?

    Hi guys, I want to know about what is bounce rate and how to reduce the bounce rate of the website? Thanks in advance:)
  15. echoinnovateit

    My Experience 5 Key Parts To Problem Solving In The Software Development World

    How do you get from a set of wants to a working program? If there were, someone would write a program to do it, and computer programmers would be outdated. Custom Software Development Company may suffer from this type of problems. Still, there are general principles you can follow that will...
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    Help Me/Question What Is Seo?and Type Of Seo

    Hi there, I want to know what is SEO and What are its type.
  17. echoinnovateit

    My Experience Top 5 Custom Software Development Companies

    It is precarious to locate a custom software development company. Picking may take half a month to a couple of months before picking the one company that meets all your development requirements. It would bring up the issue "how might I manage such a significant number of groups?" To direct you...
  18. conductexam

    News/ Info Computer Based Offline Exam Software - Conduct Exam

    Conduct Exam provides you with a software to conduct exams online and offline. The software is designed for the educational institutes, coaching classes and corporate sectors where large number of students/employees can give test without internet connectivity. The Computer Based Offline Test...
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    WTF? Web Design

    WAYS TO REACH CUSTOMERS SEO (search engine optimization) So far, we've made more than 5,000 customers ' websites. We have coded the infrastructure of all of these according to the area where our customer operates. After the words related to our customer's sector were codified to the website's...
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    Selling Advanced Mlm Software

    Pro MLM offers multi level marketing software with advanced features at advanced features. Pro MLM supports different types of mlm compensation plans and you can customize your mlm software based on your needs. Also you can get free online mlm software demo with Pro MLM before purchase. For more...