1. sunshine

    My Suggestion The Little Things That Make A Business Better

    Most business owners and CEOs are big planners and good thinkers about a booming business. Successful businesses do flourish on these big-picture leaders who are mostly grand visionaries, creative and strategic. There are several little things in the business that are most often overlooked, or...
  2. Prasoon Arora

    My Suggestion Producing Goods, Validating Quality And Delivering At The Right Time Are Factors Impacting Market.

    Every business generate the report on the basis of market value. It should be considered that after the report is generated, production of goods for wanted quantity and quality should be equally entertained. After the validation is being made, delivery at the expected time represents and impact...
  3. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Introducing Presentation For The Business.

    It is a smarter way to attract subscribers even investors for the growth of business. A presentation on projector or other source gives the transparent introduction of the business with their objectives and motive to build the good impression and trust among viewers. Viewers get to know about...
  4. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Managing Supply And Demand Factor For Business Startups.

    It is being recommended that coordination of supply and demand should be treated equally.If not balanced properly, output may not be favorable. Lets say the supply is more than demand, products would be unnecessarily stored and if not updated would no more preferred. On the other hand, if...
  5. Prasoon Arora

    Tutorial Misleading In Business.

    It is being said that any business or startup should avoid misleading factor to the fact, the progress may be achieved for long smart time but if think of the long term stability there is a failure. Misleading of products by showing something and giving something break the trust among users and...
  6. Prasoon Arora

    Tutorial Role Of Promoter For Startups And Established Business.

    The person or party or company who make the transparency of the products to the subscribers or to the market which maintain the utilization of machine, manpower, authorized managerial ability, defining the goals of future aspects are called promoter.Promoter revolves around willingness of worker...
  7. Prasoon Arora

    My Suggestion The Meaning Of The Term Why, When And How For The Business Start Ups.

    Any start up have to go through with number of surveys before they come to existence. The establishment of any business start up depends on the mentioned tasks : Why there is need to establish the business, in regards to the market needs and customers satisfaction ? How the start up can...
  8. sunshine

    Help Me/Question Trading And Evolution In Commodity Market

    Trading and Evolution in commodity market of India has now turned into most useful for the trade investors and businessmen. There are a lot of good options they can have in order to get maximum benefits for their investment and effort. Well, the important thing is that investors and traders can...
  9. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Integrating Business Data

    Data integration is one of the important topics of discussion nowadays in large business industries. With the rising perceptive of how vital data is, businesses all over the globe are coming up with awesome ways to store, capture, retrieve and manage their data. Technological developments are...
  10. Pooja Sharma

    Help Me/Question Have Anyone Got Any Work On

    I recently signed up for I have checked so many offers and applied as well and I have not got any response. I wrote a good cover letter and I am applying since 2 months. What can I do to get work on Is it a safe online website to work with or it is fake?
  11. Pooja Sharma

    Help Me/Question What Kind Of Start Up Is More Risky, Online Or Offline?

    Everyone is not so confident about startups. I want to know what should a person start with online or offline. Please share your experiences if any. Would it be a good idea to launch an online store first and then start offline looking at the progress you are getting online. Which one is more...
  12. Pooja Sharma

    My Suggestion Never Compromise In Quality Just For Quantity.

    I have always noticed that most of the start ups fail because of it. When people start a business they make sure that they are delivering best to the customer but once the customers develop a trust factor with them they start ignoring the quality and just focus on selling products. Sell less...
  13. Pooja Sharma

    My 2 Cents Key Functions Of Management.

    In big multinational companies Management plays an important role. Following are key functions of management based on priority basis: Planning - Preparing a layout Organizing - Collecting resources as per plan layout Staffing - Add employees (recruitment) in business Directing - Granting...
  14. Pooja Sharma

    My 2 Cents Be Smart Worker Rather Than Being A Hard Worker.

    It is known that hard work pays you always but this is the time for smart work. Smart work will save your time. Try do decentralize your work to keep it easy for you. Try to make use of advanced technologies but never go for short cuts. Use more machinery rather than more man power as it will...
  15. Pooja Sharma

    My Suggestion Is Partnership A Good Idea To Open A Business?

    I have seen that mostly people get failure in business due their partners. Money can change everything even your relations. You can start up with a partner, you will get help financially as well but do not trust anyone. Keep a track of everything in the form of documentation. Be strong on your end.
  16. Pooja Sharma

    My Suggestion How To Send A Good Email Response To The Customers?

    You should always be very careful while handling your customers as they run your business. You should always keep the following points in mind while writing emails to customers: Always address customer by first name Apologize for the issue and if the response id delayed then apologize for...
  17. sunshine

    My Suggestion Invest In The Most Precious Gold

    No doubt Gold is a most popular and precious metal in the world. It has been used as a status symbol to express wealth since thousands of years. As the monetary system becomes more volatile, people are converting their retirement assets, excess bonds and cash into physical gold to keep away from...
  18. Pooja Sharma

    Help Me/Question Starting Up A Boutique

    I need suggestion as I am planning to open up a boutique. In my city there are lot of boutiques and people are very fond of buying designer clothes. I am confused that how much money I should spend on it. Should I go for a grand boutique or I should open a small store first?
  19. Swati Mishra

    My Suggestion The New Emerging Ideas For Business

    If we talk about business and define the business it will be a different approach since it varies from one to another. Business is an organization where goods or products and their services are trade for money. The requirement of business is investment and gaining customer. When investor invests...
  20. Prasoon Arora

    My Experience Never Demotivate Yourself If Business Strategies Fails.

    It have been seen that new startups raise their hands with the very first failure in their business strategy.It is recommended to never get demotivated and to learn from their failure.It is said by established business brands that they have learn from their failure and they have always moved a...