1. Aradyas

    Help Me/Question Recent Google Algorithm Update

    Which is the recent Google Algorithm Update? What it is about? Anyone explain to me about this. Mobile Apps Development Company Hyderabad|
  2. Renren

    My 2 Cents Select Profiles And Pages You Never Want To Miss Updates From In Your News Feed.

    Facebook If there are certain people or pages you want to see first in your News Feed no matter what, you can select them in the Facebook mobile app. Tap "Settings" under the app's "More" tab and then "News Feed Preferences" to get started. People and pages you've marked to see first will have...
  3. networld

    Just Gossip Is Windows 10 Going To Be Microsoft’s Last Os Version?

    You might be aware that Microsoft has already declared that Windows 10 would be the last one in the series and they would not be releasing any more OS versions in future. But they will keep on releasing updates at regular intervals. They also emphasize on calling it as Windows than using it with...