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  1. rf-harris

    Just Gossip You Are Currently Playing

    Let's share the games you are currently playing. I will start from myself, I am playing call of duty: Warzone which is a free to play battle royale and is one of the best games of 2020. I would recommend this game to all the battle royale lovers and I am very sure that they will definitely like...
  2. sunshine

    Fun Twitch Eyes 'streaming First' Gameplay With New Api

    For the sensation of the fast-growing, game-streaming service Twitch has mostly devoted on the enthusiasm of its fan environmental community, moreover audience members and broadcasters regularly chat and play together on live gameplay streams. What's been missing so far is buy-in from game...
  3. dcristo

    News/ Info Resident Evil Zero Hd Remaster On Steam

    Anyone else on WMS a fan of the survival horror genre? If you are, you will like this news. Resident Evil Zero launched on the GameCube over 12 years ago. But now an enhanced version of the game has just been released on Steam for PC gamers.
  4. sunshine

    Fun Top 10 Free Android Games

    Everybody loves android games on smartphones and interesting free android games always consider the best way to spend your valuable time in your rest time. These games are quite good to play as compared to usual free online games which provides limited access to players, and their best features...
  5. grumpypants

    Fun Nintendo's Newest Console

    Is anyone looking forward to Nintendo's newest console? Supposedly, they're going to be running games at 900p resolution. It's been all over my Facebook today, so the news must have broke recently. Any thoughts on this new console coming out? I'm hoping it doesn't end up being as poor as the...
  6. Ravenclaw

    Fun Final Fantasy Xv Is Officially Launching In 2016

    Square Enix posted a message for their fans awaiting Final Fantasy XV just in time for the new year. While the message doesn’t confirm a release date for the game, it does solidify it for a 2016 release window (as some fans were concerned it would slip into 2017). Here’s the entire text portion...
  7. dcristo

    Just Gossip What Vr Games Are You Looking Forward To?

    I'm looking forward to The Climb it's the first Oculus VR game that has got me excited about this new technology. It's being developed by Crytek, the same guys that did Crysis.