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  1. Manish Mishra

    News/ Info Have You Tried Google Mars?

    2009 was a long ago when Google earth was introduced. I remember how often I used to see my home and neighborhood from Google earth. In the same year they have developed the Google moon and now Google is back with something extra ordinary where human being is trying to develop colonies. You...
  2. sunshine

    News/ Info Ios - Iphone Operating System

    The well-known telecom company Apple Inc. created and developed mobile operating system, iOS (originally iPhone OS) and distributed absolutely for Apple hardware structures.While iOS 9 is one of the largest iOS release ever. It comes with a better experience every day and night for thrilling...
  3. sunshine

    News/ Info Ibm Maas360 Is The Fastest Mobile Device Management

    The latest product IBM MaaS360 is a great product at a reasonable price, introduced by IBM. It provides the tools required to effectively monitor and manage mobile devices in the endeavor as well as some threat analytics, including optional add-ons for an additional monthly charge. It has...
  4. sunshine

    News/ Info Now Call Mobile Phones, Landlines Via Skype

    The Skype authority has updated the Web version to let you call easily mobile phones and landline phones, in adding up to other Skype users. Besides online talking you can also now watch streaming videos without leaving Skype for Web, as well as group called new people to a conversation, yet if...
  5. sunshine

    Fun Twitch Eyes 'streaming First' Gameplay With New Api

    For the sensation of the fast-growing, game-streaming service Twitch has mostly devoted on the enthusiasm of its fan environmental community, moreover audience members and broadcasters regularly chat and play together on live gameplay streams. What's been missing so far is buy-in from game...
  6. sunshine

    Fun Philips New Bulb Helps You Wake Up Gradually

    Light affect us both emotionally and physically, and we've daily experience this when waking up and going to sleep. Philips Lighting has a solution that might help you to wake up gradually with a little more bright eyed. Its one of the company's new developed lighting bulb, Philips Hue white...
  7. sunshine

    News/ Info Investing In The Sports Industry

    Almost Billions of Dollars are spent on sports every year around the world, especially in Europe making it a tremendous industry for people to think investing in. Local city and governments councils are well known for the investment that they make in the sports industry, and it goes well beside...
  8. Manish Mishra

    Just Gossip Who Is Going To Hold The World Cup T-20?

    Hello Fellow WMS members, The World cup T-20 has just begun in India. The first round of qualifications got over. Afghanistan and Bangladesh has qualified for the group matches. Now, the clock started running to know who is going to hold the T-20 World cup this time. Have you any...
  9. sunshine

    My 2 Cents The Most Memorable Experience In The San Francisco Bay Area

    Develop your San Francisco visit most enjoyable by going out on the waters with the help of any one of the best private tours of San Francisco. A San Francisco bay cruise tour is really very interesting and exciting trip that will offer you stunning views of the city, the Golden Gate Bridge and...
  10. krishatg

    News/ Info Google Glass

    I have heard about google new technology i.e. google glass by using which you can do multiple task, they are capable of helping you in road map , They have camera inside it and many other things. Do any one having more knowledge about it ?
  11. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Time Management Guidelines For Online Learners

    It could be convenient way for students to get online education they wouldn’t otherwise have time for, with no need for a lengthy travel or set schedule. You can join courses that can be taken in your feasible time, to best suit your schedule. Without a pre-defined schedule, it can seem extra...
  12. sunshine

    News/ Info Importance Of Life Insurance For College Students

    The core reason that life insurance is an excellent choice for a college student is because you’re at the best time to get it. Indeed, this is the same reason that many people avoid getting coverage at this age, because they supposed they don’t need it. If you’d like to start saving for your...
  13. krishatg

    Asking Advice What Do You Prefer Big It Companies Or Startups?

    I am working in IT company and i also have offers from startups , Even they are paying more but there is no job security in startups as we all know. So i am in big confusion that what to do. What do you prefer more?
  14. sunshine

    News/ Info Apple Expected To Unveil Iphone 5se By Next Week

    Yesterday, Apple asked electronic and print media to join a March 21 2016 event at its Cupertino, Calif., campus. Mashable and some other major websites’ reporters believe at this event Apple will announced the long-rumored reports about the latest technology and revealing its new iPhone 5SE...
  15. sunshine

    News/ Info Baidu's Chief Scientist Believes Self-driving Cars Could Be Ready Before 2020

    There seems to be uncertainty about self-driving vehicles being ready to hit the road in 2020, the task several automobile makers have targeted. Andrew Ng expects these new self-driving vehicles will be rolled out by 2019 and mass-produced by 2021. In past January 2016, a Consumer Electronics...
  16. sunshine

    News/ Info First Official Lg G5 Will Be Released In April 2016

    A new Smartphone LG G5 which is considered a as game-changer, will be released on April 8 in Canada, stated by LG marketing manager. This date could also possibly serve as the release date for the latest Smartphone in the U.S. We know that the Mobile World Congress which w held in last February...
  17. S

    News/ Info How To Connect Nokia Bh-505 To Your Device

    As I faced this I am sharing the info with you all. I hope you benefited. As I faced this I am sharing the info with you all. I hope you benefited. After pairing up 3 to 4 devices, Sometimes you need to connect to a new Device then it doesn't pair directly in the same way the mobiles get...
  18. sunshine

    Fun Sky Pool - Just Enjoy To 200-foot Dive Into A Tiny Pool Of Water

    Do you know what would be awesome and be frightening? Swimming in a glass pool that’s hanged 10 floors above the ground. That’s the basic challenge of the new “sky pool” that some authorities informs us was recently proposed to be built in London. It will be the most amazing and most shocking...
  19. sunshine

    Fun Top 5 Ideal Shopping Malls In Dubai

    For several years Dubai ranks the second position among the trendiest shopping destinations in the world. The plenty of shopping malls in Dubai is considered to be an exclusive cultural experience, which gives the city a unique charm. The visitors go to Dubai not only for an exclusive shopping...
  20. dcristo

    Asking Advice Meditation Apps For Android

    Have you got any you could recommend? Preferably a free app.