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  1. Manish Mishra

    Just Gossip Who Is The Hottest Lady On Earth?

    Yes, guys. I just thought a thread about the choices. There are many hottest lady, mostly from Hollywood and models. Our Earth is not a small place to claim someone to be perfect. For me, I started believe "Salma Hayek" is the hottest and sexiest lady on earth. Which one is yours guy?
  2. krishatg

    My 2 Cents Top 10 Ways To Protect Your Computer From Getting Infected

    Virus attack to our computer is a very common thing now days. They enter our computer and infect it in a way that many of the software’s and large amount of data stored into it installed get corrupted. There are many ways by which we can save our computer from these virus attacks. Some of...
  3. sunshine

    News/ Info Benefits Of Gorilla Glass

    Gorilla Glass is a new invention of the fourth generation. It is a latest toughened glass developed and designed by Corning, just designed to be thin, light and with Native Damage Resistance (NDR). It is great material glass used mainly as the cover glass for portable electronic devices...
  4. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Get Money By Free University And College Scholarship

    When we hear about the word scholarship, just what normally will come in to your mind? Probably answers will be 'education'. No doubt education is really very important to all. While many parents are stressed to afford kids the most effective education and good teaching, often the everyday...
  5. challengewriter

    Just Gossip February Is The Start Of 2016

    I thought it was only me who wasn't feeling January, or feels like it is a new year yet. I've seen so many posts I can relate to, especially the ones about January being a trial and February being the actual start for the new year. How about you do you feel the same?
  6. sunshine

    News/ Info Most Useful Websites You Don’t Know About

    Good Wednesday morning, one and all. I've got some most useful and working idea for you to perform different tasks in an easy and smart way. Just want to share very useful sites here; Lets see; 1. ctrlq.org/screenshots – for capturing screenshots of web pages on mobile and desktops. 2...
  7. Ramakrishnan

    My 2 Cents What Is The Greatest Wonder In This World?

    The famous Hindu epic Mahabharata narrates an incident, which is like this: Yama, the God of Death asked Yudhisthira, the Pandava King renowned for his righteousness: “What is the greatest wonder in this world?” Yudhisthira replied: “Several people are dying around us every day. Yet every person...
  8. dcristo

    News/ Info Resident Evil Zero Hd Remaster On Steam

    Anyone else on WMS a fan of the survival horror genre? If you are, you will like this news. Resident Evil Zero launched on the GameCube over 12 years ago. But now an enhanced version of the game has just been released on Steam for PC gamers.
  9. Ramakrishnan

    Asking Advice Are You Religious Or Spiritual?

    Both religion and spirituality are of the same kind, but they have some fundamental difference. I am religious because I am born in a family that belongs to a specific religion. Religion is related to my body and mind, whereas spirituality is related to my soul. Religion is something imposed on...
  10. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Do You Believe In Life After Death?

    I'd like to consider this question:" Do you believe in life after death?" What is there to consider and why? We are social animals and know well we should must die any time. Why would we think we are something special that deserves a better life after life?
  11. Ramakrishnan

    My Experience A Simple Success Formula To All

    Everyone wants happiness and success in their life. But most of them forget a simple success formula. Success depends on what you think, believe and act. There is no other short cut. So if you face any problems, just change what you think, believe and act; it will change your life.
  12. sunshine

    News/ Info What Makes The Paleo Diet Most Popular

    The Paleo Diet is considered as most healthy living diet program in recent days. What do you think of it? Already you have seen a lot of diet types such as vegans, lactose free diets, vegetarians and beef free diets. Why is Paleo get noticed? Actually it is diet based on the types of foods...
  13. sunshine

    Fun Top 10 Free Android Games

    Everybody loves android games on smartphones and interesting free android games always consider the best way to spend your valuable time in your rest time. These games are quite good to play as compared to usual free online games which provides limited access to players, and their best features...
  14. cheezcarls

    WTF? Something Wrong With Yahoo Mail?

    Hello everyone! I wonder what's happening in Yahoo Mail now? It seems that I am not alone in this problem, as others are experiencing the same thing. Hours ago till now, I noticed that it stopped receiving emails already. I supposed to have several emails coming at me everyday, and it doesn't...
  15. krishatg

    News/ Info Introduction To Xyplorer

    Introduction File manager is a computer application which provides user interface to users to work on computer and enable users to manage files and folders in a hierarchical tree based on their structure. XYPlorer is a feature-rich File Manager similar to window explorer, enable users to...
  16. dcristo

    Asking Advice Anyone Else Listen To Trance Music?

    I love listening to uplifting melodic trance music. It always puts you in a good mood. Such as listening to songs like this: If you prefer vocals you will like this:
  17. phoenix2015

    Just Gossip 2016 Us Presidential Elections

    Does anyone out there follow politics in the USA? Who do think will be the Democratic nominee? What about the Republican nominee? And who do you think will be the next president of the USA?
  18. phoenix2015

    Fun Mixed Martial Arts

    Does anybody like to watch Mixed Martial Arts? Any UFC fans out there? If so, what do you think of Connor McGregor?
  19. grumpypants

    Fun Nintendo's Newest Console

    Is anyone looking forward to Nintendo's newest console? Supposedly, they're going to be running games at 900p resolution. It's been all over my Facebook today, so the news must have broke recently. Any thoughts on this new console coming out? I'm hoping it doesn't end up being as poor as the...
  20. sunshine

    My Experience Tips For A Good Tutor

    Tutoring and teaching can considerably help in bringing off the most in you or your kids in given topics and subjects. The truth is that sometimes class lessons are not enough for students to grasp everything there is and as an importance extra effort from a tutor can be much more useful in...