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    Selling SQL Injection And Exploiting SQL Injection

    Learn how to completely exploit Error and Blind-based SQL injection manually: - SQL Injection And Exploiting SQL Injection Part – 1
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    Selling Ways to create security awareness among your employees

    You can create security awareness among your employees by using the following tips: First of all, build trust in your employees and make them feel that security is fun and not tedious, it could be an engaging task. Teach your employees which info is critical and/or sensitive and confidential to...
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    Selling What is endpoint security? What are the benefits of it?

    Endpoint security in simple words can be referred to as securing endpoints i.e. securing end-user devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, etc. as endpoints act as a point of access to an organization network; and these points of entry can be exploited by malicious actors. Thus...
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    Selling Are you looking for API security services?

    SecureLayer7 are experts in API Penetration Testing. They will scrutinize your APIs to identify and exploit potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
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    Selling Why telecom network security is important?

    The telecommunications industry is more vulnerable to cyber attacks since it has a large customer base and a number of opportunities for bad attackers to gain unauthorized access to the users' data. Mobile devices, unsecure mobile apps, or home routers are most vulnerable to cybersecurity...
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    Selling Are you worried about wireless security?

    Wireless Security Assessment is part of the 'Security Assessment' - which helps in identifying vulnerabilities and security risks in the wireless network of enterprises in a holistic sense of the word by performing different test cases such as Extended Internet Footprint Assessment, Source Code...
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    Selling Impact of computer viruses

    The term computer virus is a broad term used for all forms of malware or malicious software. When your computer gets infected with a virus, its performance slows down, or data can be lost or your system can crash down. SecureLayer7 offers website malware removal services, you can contact them...
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    Selling Mobile testing types

    Different mobile testing types are: mobile security testing, functional testing, usability testing, performance testing, installation testing, compatibility testing, and manual testing etc.
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    Selling Impact of data breaches

    Data breaches compromise sensitive information and can damage both the individual as well as the organization. The individual who is a victim of a data breach needs to face a number of problems like reputation loss, loss of customer’s trust, compromising sensitive data, financial loss, etc...
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    Selling Difference between vulnerability and threat

    The threat can be anything due to which vulnerability can be exploited. It is done intentionally or accidentally so as to obtain unauthorized access to a system, or to damage a system or infrastructure, or to destroy any asset. Whereas Vulnerability is a weakness or security gap in a program...
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    Selling Can a browser extension infect your device with malware?

    An extension could be completely malicious if it is a third-party browser extension. To resolve this issue, extensions require permissions, and not all browsers prompt the user to grant permissions. Therefore, hackers target these extensions. One more reason is that these browser extensions...
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    Selling Ransomware attacks on mid-sized businesses

    As the number of ransomware attacks on midsize businesses has increased and it has become one of the most dangerous weapons for businesses, it need not be disastrous for them, if they follow the steps below: Isolate the infected system/s. Check the entry point of the attack. Scan the backups...
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    Selling trending topics in web security

    The biggest cybersecurity concern is data breaches, which will continue until data remains valuable, so improving web application security is a top priority. Another concern is the need for cybersecurity professionals. Cloud security concerns need to be looked after i.e. to rethink our approach...
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    Selling Upcoming Webinar Wordpress Security: How to Secure & Protect Wordpress

    Upcoming Webinar WordPress Security: How to Secure & Protect WordPress Date: 30th September 2020 Time: 7:00 PM IST Speaker: Mr. Prithiv Kumaravel This webinar is designed for security professionals, network administrators, developers, and website administrators. Both technology management...
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    Selling Network Security software: Benefits

    By using network security software’s network administrators can keep track of and counteract unauthorized access or denial of network resources via phishing, spyware, malware, and other vendor-specific vulnerabilities.
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    Selling Which test cases are executed by SecureLayer7 while pen testing a web application?

    SecureLayer7 security experts create test cases based on the business logic of the application, technology i.e. languages and databases used, user roles, features, input fields, third party integrations, OWASP top 10, SANS 25. A few of the most common test cases applicable are as follows- XML...
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    Selling What is the future of computing?

    Cloud computing is just a part of computing and one should not underestimate the influence of some other technologies which are continuously evolving in the recent years and also shaping up the future of computing, when interacting with the web for example - the Internet of things (IoT)...
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    Selling Some common security mistakes

    The following are some common security mistakes: Using a weak password for all the accounts. Avoid taking backups Not knowing how to use email attachments or downloads Disabling firewall Not encrypting the data. Sharing account information with others.
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    Selling Want to review firewall configuration?

    Are you looking for the best firewall configuration review services? then please visit:
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    Selling Is your website compromised by malware?

    Discover the hacks and malware on your website by contacting SecureLayer7 - Penetration Testing Company & CyberSecurity Services! Please visit: Website Security Services | WordPress Website Malware Removal Service to check out all the malware removal service plans.