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  1. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question Quick Sort Algorithm.

    As we know quick sort is the practical sorting algorithm, It is in-palace sorting algorithm (i.e. It does not require external memory for the sorting operation). Minimum time taken by the quick sort algorithm is N( log N ) which also known as best case time complexity. Its performance is worst...
  2. steve taylor

    My 2 Cents Binary Search Is The Best Searching Technique.

    Binary search is the best searching technique it require log N time to find any element from array which contain N element. But binary search is only applicable on sorted array or on shorted element. On the unsorted array we have to require first sort the array and then apply the binary search...
  3. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question Why Recursive Function Generally Not Used In C Language?

    Functions are the soul of any program because without using function we can't make a program more effective.It makes a program good because by defining a function we can easily use it's properties any where in a program where it is required by simply call the function.There are mainly two...
  4. steve taylor

    My 2 Cents Feature Of Object Oriented Programming.

    There are some bizarre feature of object oriented programming :- 1. It focus on data as compare to procedure. 2.Generally in OOP big program is divided in objects. 3.Data structure are designed as it is best suited to objects behavior. 4.Function that perform operation on data are bind together...
  5. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question How To Implement D-queue In C?

    Queue is a data structure and d-queue is an operation which performed on queue for deleting the data from queue. The property of the queue is first in first out (FIFO) that means which element comes in queue first that element go out from the queue first . Example :- Line on the ticket Booking...
  6. steve taylor

    My 2 Cents What Is Encapsulation And Data Hiding?

    Encapsulation is also called as data hiding. In data hiding detailed of the class are hidden from external user. It is the process of combining function and data into a single unit called class. When the method of encapsulation applied then member function and data of the class can not be...
  7. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question How To Implement Doubly Circular Linked List?

    Doubly linked list maintain two pointers between every pain of the nodes. One link point to next node and another link point to previous node . In doubly circular linked list last node and first node also maintain the link for point next node and the previous node. How to implement it in C...
  8. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question Why Circular Linked List Was Implemented?

    C language has several data structures used to store the data of a program.Linked list is very common often used to store similar data in memory.Linked list is a collection of elements called nodes,each of them stores two items of information-one for an element of the list and a link,it is a...
  9. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question How To Implement Depth First Search Traversal Algorithm Using C?

    Depth First Search :- It is the process of visiting the nodes of the given graph .We are using the stack data structure for implement depth search algorithm. It is also used for finding the shorted path from given source to all other vertices. Please share Depth First Search algorithm and C...
  10. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question How To Implement Doubly Linked List?

    Major advantage of the doubly linked list over the singly linked list are if we loss the one of the pointer of doubly linked list then we can recover it with the help of another pointer of doubly linked list. If we store the address of first note into last node and address of last node into...
  11. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question How To Implement Doubly Linked List?

    The disadvantage of the singly linked list and Circular singly linked is If one of the link is Broken then We can not able to find the element in the list. So we going to doubly linked list. Doubly linked list is one in which two pointers are maintained one is for go backward and one for forward.
  12. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question How To Implement Circular Singly Link List?

    Linked list:- It is collection of ordered data which is connected with its successor and its predecessor. Singly Circular Linked List :- Singly linked list become Circular linked list if we store header node address in the last note . So last node point to the first node. How to write C code to...
  13. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question How To Implement Singly Linked List In C Language?

    Linked list :- It is the collection of Homogeneous data elements which is connected with each other through link . Link are generally made by storing the address of node into nest part of another node. There is a pointer Head Pointer which point to the start node of the linked list. How to write...
  14. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question What Is The Difference Between Core Java And Advance Java?

    Java is the Object oriented programming language. It is most popular programming language. It support all the object oriented programming features like :- Inheritance. Polymorphism. Data abstraction Encapsulation Data hiding. Message passing. Class etc. In what context advance java is differ...
  15. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question How To Implement Stack Using C?

    Stack is a most important data structure. Its follow LIFO (Last in First out) strategy. There are various application of the stack are as follows :- Infix to post fix conversion. Post fix Evaluation. Function execution. Recursion Execution etc Example- Deck of the book , In the deck of the...
  16. Prasoon Arora

    Tutorial Polymorphism In C++

    C++ is an object oriented language which has features like inheritance, polymorphism and more. The word Poly stand for many and morph means form. C++ have the feature which allow us to use the same function or key to be used in different ways. Let us take the example of plus "+": This sign is...
  17. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question Programming For Android App Development.

    I want to learn android app development. I searching online and off line instructor of android development. Which one is best for learning Offline course and online course. I found there are more opening in the company for android app developer. So I plan to learn android app development course...
  18. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question What Is Inheritance In C++ Programming Language?

    Inheritance is the powerful characteristics of the object oriented programming language. Inheritance provide the reusability of the existing code. We can derive the code from old class to form a new class . Old class is formally known as base class and derived class are known ad child class. I...
  19. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question What Are The Advantages Of Linked List As Compared To Array?

    Array is a linear data structure used to store similar data in memory,it contains n number of elements is referenced using index that varies from 0 to n-1. Linked list is also a linear data structure,it linked list each node contains the data and the address of the next node. What are the...
  20. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question Is It Possible To Pass An Entire To A Function?

    In C programming language individual element of an array to a function and also addresses of individual elements to a function by using of calling the function by value and calling the function by reference. Is it possible to passing an entire array to the function rather than individual element?