1. cheezcarls

    Suggestion New Thread Suggestions For Wms

    Hello @Solmak, I think I have another suggestion for you to add in this forum: Mobile Marketing under Internet Marketing (IM), Search Engine Marketing category Review Wordpress Themes under Showcase, Reviews and Recommendations General Making Money Online Discussions under Site...
  2. Webmasterserve

    Selling [wms] Hide Signatures - Custom Xenforo Addon

    By default Xenforo only allows admins to permit or restrict users based on their user groups or usernames from creating and using Signatures on the forum. As with any forum, some members join the forum just to post a signature link and then never visit the forum again. Too many signatures create...
  3. Webmasterserve

    Selling [wms] Cascading Thread Listings - Custom Xenforo Addon

    By default Xenforo structure does not display threads from a child forum (or sub-forum) under its parent forum. At WebmasterServe several parent forums are closed and do not allow threads to be created in them, instead threads are to be created in specific child forums. But while browsing the...
  4. sunshine

    Suggestion Few Suggestions For Wms

    Just want to give few suggestions to Admin of WMS. 1. For publishing a post with images, please make it possible to change the size of image while inserting in the post. It will enhance the good looking impression of post. 2. Provide your own upload server option to secure images while...