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  1. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Happy International Women's Day 8, March 2016

    It’s constantly an honor to pay mark of respect to women who have changed the face of history record, sometimes in the face of apparently undefeatable circumstances. Now, this year’s International Women’s Day, Google desired to celebrate the Doodle-worthy future’s women. The ambitions that...
  2. sunshine

    News/ Info U.s. Commerce Department To Force Export Restrictions On A China’s Telecom Manufacturer

    According to a Reuters’ reporter, the U.S. Commerce Department is going to place export restrictions on a big Chinese telecom manufacturer company ZTE Corp due to alleged violation of U.S. export controls on Iran. Before shipment of any American-made equipment to ZTE the procedure will make it...
  3. sunshine

    News/ Info Russia And Europe Plans A Combined Moon Research Mission

    The space agency’s scientists from Russia and Europe have planned to send a Spacecraft to an unfamiliar area at the south pole of moon for new research. It will be one of the series of tasks programmed for taking men to the surface of moon to enable them for a permanent stay on it. This new...
  4. Renren

    Just Gossip Spratly Islands

    What are your opinions who really owns Spratly Islands? What should be done to solve the issue regarding this matter. China and the Republic of the Philippines are always arguing about this one.
  5. phoenix2015

    Just Gossip 2016 Us Presidential Elections

    Does anyone out there follow politics in the USA? Who do think will be the Democratic nominee? What about the Republican nominee? And who do you think will be the next president of the USA?