1. sophia jan

    Positive How To Create Youtube Custom Thumbnail?

    You can now design you-tube custom thumbnails for your own video. In a nutshell adding custom thumbnails to your video is not that hard you just have to verify your account or become a Youtube partner. Here is the link kindly check How to Create YouTube Custom Thumbnail How to Create Youtube...
  2. sophia jan

    My Suggestion What Are Thumbnails On Youtube?

    YouTube Thumbnails are like the billboard of your videos. They help users in deciding whether they should opt to watch your videos. Well-designed thumbnails can attract more viewers and therefore can increase Subscribers/Viewers by making eye-catching thumbnails. Here is the link for your For...
  3. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Help Me/Question How Can I Do Rank Of My Youtube Video On First Page?

    Hi, I have many youtube video in my channel .I want to rank those Google first page first position for my certain keyword .Please share your opinion
  4. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Youtube Joins T-mobile's “binge On” Program To Help Customers Save Data

    YouTube has a final point and decided to join T-Mobile's Binge On program. T-Mobile CEO John Legere have declared yesterday that the video site has been included to its list of companies that are present in the program, which means people will be able to stream movie and television services from...
  5. tipstechtut

    Tutorial How To Add Multiple Youtube Channles With One Adsense Acoount

    How to add multiple Youtube channels with one Adsense account Today I saw one thread regarding question about can we use "one AdSense" account with "multiple youtube channels" I thought it is good to share here as a tutorial where people will get benefit from this. Here is the Answer Yes!! Of...
  6. bayseo

    Tutorial Youtube Tips

    YouTube is somewhat precarious. You need a great deal of "perspectives", "likes" and "remarks" on your video for Google to consider your video essential and rank it. Not to stress since you can outsource this assignment to some individual for two or three bucks. You needn't bother with a...
  7. rahuldas

    My Suggestion Best Strategies For Youtube Channel Monetization

    Opening a new channel on YouTube has become a very common feat nowadays. Almost everyone posts videos on YouTube, day in and day out. But only a select few manages to make money out of it. And by money, I mean really good money. YouTube monetization has become a top trend among people of all...
  8. dcristo

    Help Me/Question Retrieving Password For Second Youtube Channel

    I can't seem to figure out how to retrieve a password for a second YouTube channel I created for a site. Does anyone know how to do this if you just know the username? I will click "sign out" to logout of my main account that is linked to my google account, but there is nothing that allows...
  9. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Help Me/Question Can I Use One Adsense Account For My Multiple Youtube Channel ?

    Hi, I have already gained a youtube adsense account for my one youtube channel.But I want to know .Can I use this account for my multiple youtube channel? Please help me.
  10. Pooja Sharma

    Seeking Reviews Download Youtube Videos Using Tubemate In Android

    While watching videos , we come to some videos that are useful or have any social message, and we wish to download them. But we are unable to download these videos as we are using cellphones and there is no direct software that can help you to download the videos. Recently , I installed Tubemate...
  11. Wesley Daniel

    Help Me/Question Need Tips To Promote Youtube Video.

    I'm ready to create some quality, helpful videos and I will upload on Youtube. But I need to know some good criteria for picking a sub-niche to promote my video.My video subject will be blogging, Article writing,Technology tips and tricks and some other help full subject. Any guidelines that...
  12. selvaa

    Tutorial Top 10 Youtube Seo Myths

    YOUTUBE SEO myths In this article we are going to discuss about the myths which make youtube videos to rank high. Some of the facts discussed here may be controversial but it all true. Most of the technique discussed here may be out of date but if you follow this correctly your video will be...
  13. Soumya Bhattacharyya

    My Suggestion 5 Tips To Monetize Your Youtube Channel

    Nowadays, there has emerged an all new way to make money. Now you can generate bucks through YouTube. Really?? The answer is yes. Now you can monetize your YouTube channel. The recent surge of YouTube access and social networking boom has opened up an exciting avenue to earn money. Confused...
  14. cheezcarls

    Tutorial Ways To Monetize Your Youtube Marketing Efforts

    Hello everyone! I wonder how you guys and gals doing these days? Well for me, I would truly believe that you're doing great in terms of marketing your products and services once and for all. But I believe one of the methods you are doing in order to promote your products and services is no...
  15. challengewriter

    Tutorial Ten Best Recommended Social Media Sites For Business.

    Social media, is something today's world can not do without, it is evolving and as time goes by I believe it will become kind of like an essential feature in our daily lives.Now a lot of people can not do without checking on social media site or the other, for example we forum users. I have...
  16. sunshine

    Tutorial Easily Download Youtube And Facebook Videos

    Easily Download Facebook and YouTube Videos Online with few simple clicks without any software. Facebook : Step 1. Just play/run Video on Facebook Once the video run, after few seconds Step 2. Write m before facebook …….. Just as in address bar Step 3. The facebook page...
  17. Roxabox

    Just Gossip Youtube Red

    YouTube Red is YouTube's new 9.99/month plan that allows you to download its videos for offline viewing and enables background play so the audio of the video keeps playing even if you have your screen locked and are not in the YouTube app. Not to mention everything is Ad-Free! What are your...
  18. cheezcarls

    My Experience Youtube + Pay Per Download Experiment

    Hello guys! I know that the New Year's Eve is coming, and everybody is almost busy in preparations. In other words, most of us are now spending time trying to celebrate the upcoming 2016. But we are not going to talk mostly on what is coming on the New Year. Instead, I am going to share my own...
  19. cheezcarls

    My 2 Cents 3 Reasons Why Youtube Is A Great Source For Marketing

    For internet and affiliate marketers, it is important for you to know that maximizing your business is essential and necessary. You know why? It is because you are investing time and money to make it work, and it is your responsibility to make your business successful. But how can you become...
  20. sunshine

    My Suggestion How To Earn Money By Videos - Youtube And Dailymotion?

    You can earn money by making videos because the Dailymotion and YouTube are top most video sharing websites. You can make money on both the video sharing websites because you can monetize videos to earn money. It is important to make videos and promote them to earn money. Every view on the video...